Oscar's health insurance strategy pays members to stay fit and workout

Oscar's health insurance strategy pays you to stay fit and workout
By Chuong H Nguyen on 9 Dec 2014 06:12 pm

Health insurance company Oscar is taking a different approach to wearables by paying its members to stay fit. If subscribers are fit, they're less likely to develop chronic health-related problems, so it makes sense. Under the promotion, Oscar will dole out Misfit trackers and incentivize members $1 every time they reach their fitness goal, up to $240 per year, when they sync their workout data with the Oscar app.

According to a report on Gizmodo, a good number of the insurance company's members are taking advantage of this program:

Mario Schlosser, one of Oscar's co-founders, says over 17,000 people have decided to take advantage of the program so far. "If you look at research as to what the average person can do in their daily life to really impact a lot of the chronic killers in the U.S., like obesity, diabetes, back pain, or mental health, the U.S. General Surgeon or any other physicians will tell you, well, you gotta move more, you gotta walk more" he said. Schlosser sees the free fitness trackers and the incentive program as a long term investment in preventative health.

It's a cool way to earn a little money while doing something that's truly good for you.

Source: Oscar; Via: Gizmodo

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Oscar's health insurance strategy pays members to stay fit and workout