Pebble and Nokia X work together in perfect harmony

Nokia X and Pebble
By Richard Devine on 3 Apr 2014 05:05 am

The Nokia X may not be everyones first choice when buying a new smartphone, but it has one big thing in its favor; Android. And that means that unlike Nokia's Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the Nokia X can run the official Pebble app, and it runs it as well as it needs too. Sure, it isn't available in the Nokia X Store, so you'll have to sideload, but once you do everything is just peachy.

I've got the Nokia X in for review at the moment – 24 hours in, to be exact – so haven't had too much time to put it through its paces. But, it loads and pairs without any hiccups, accesses the app store just as well as any other Android device and so far doesn't seem to have had any issues with notifications or loading and unloading apps from my locker.

So if you're someone, somewhere, that might soon be rocking a Pebble and a Nokia X, it all looks pretty good. If anything breaks, we'll be sure to report back but for now everything looks pretty good.

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Pebble and Nokia X work together in perfect harmony

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