Pebble teams up with Mercedes Benz on Digital Drive app

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2013 12:58 pm

Pebble looks to already be branching out beyond consumers as they have now teamed up with Mercedes Benz. Set to be shown off at CES in just a few weeks, Pebble and Mercedes have collaborated on the Digital DriveStyle app for Pebble watches. The app will allows Mercedes owners to use their Pebble watch to display where the car is, if the doors are locked or if the car needs fuel. When inside, it will alert to potential hazards on the road and allow for interaction with the music system and GPS.

We’re definitely excited to see the app in action at CES so expect plenty more when we head to Vegas in a few weeks.

Reader comments

Pebble teams up with Mercedes Benz on Digital Drive app


It doesn't really affect my Subaru-driving ass yet, but it's great to see that Pebble has developed the clout to team up with a major car manufacturer. I'd love to see them branch out to other companies.

Would love to see this for VW. My 2014 Passat has an ios app that I can use to lock/unlock, check fuel level, locate my car, sound horn and lights. Would be great to have a companion pebble app.

This is a very good sign for Pebble to partner up with a prestigious auto maker.
makes me wonder who's next. Google-Audi Apple-BMW Samsung-Hyundai???