Rumored specs leak for Google's smartwatch

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2014 01:23 pm

Google's own smartwatch is still in the rumor mill, but why we wait for the official officialness to arrive, evleaks has dropped some rumored specs today for what could be Google's initial offering. The numbers aren't anything crazy or unexpected, but they do put it on par with other current devices on the market. If these hold true, we could see a 1.65" IPS display at 280x280 with 4GB of storage. 

No word on the processor or other fun details, but it does get us one step closer to reality. Sort of. Word on the street is that we'll see more on Google's watch in June, so only a few more months to keep speculating :) 

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Rumored specs leak for Google's smartwatch


I'm a Nexus fanboy and exert time I seem close to pulling the trigger on a Pebble new Google Watch rumors crop up that make me think 'wait just a few more months'.

This has been ongoing for a year....

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Just buy the Pebble! In my opinion, it's inexpensive enough to be an easy buy for what it can do. I'm a watch person so getting my pebble was a no-brainer, it does everything I want in a smartwatch (without doing overkill) and does it very well.

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My next smartwatch will need to have higher resolution and a Mirasol type display, so I am disappointed in that.

I don't want a smartwatch that cannot go through more than 4 days over a single charge..

So far, only Pebble has achieved that.

La pantalla de 280x280 me encanta solo que creo que apenas le llegara a neptune pine, aver que es lo que nos muestra

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