Samsung rumored to launch a standalone cellular Gear Solo smartwatch in Korea

Samsung Gear 2
By Derek Kessler on 7 Apr 2014 02:44 pm

When it comes to smartwatches, the Samsung Gear 2 without question holds the lead in mindshare, but it's still reliant on the owner having a compatible Samsung smartphone in their pocket. That could soon change, though, with the latest rumor out of Korea: the Samsung Gear Solo.

As reported by The Korea Herald, the Gear Solo is expected to launch in South Korea as a partnership with carrier SK Telecom, and will include an embedded USIM for placing and receiving calls. Other changes to the device weren't revealed, though we'd hope that Samsung puts a bigger battery into it to help counterbalance the increased power draw of such an embedded radio. Adding fuel to the flame, Samsung has filed a patent in Korea with the Gear Solo name.

Is a Samsung Gear Solo a solution looking for a problem, or is it a legitimate step forward for smartwatches?

Source: The Korea Herald



Mm, how does it compare to the Omate TrueSmart..... ?
Currently I feel Galaxy Gear 2 has better design. Especially for the camera placement.


In all honesty, once the Moto 360 was announced I lost all interest in the Gear 2/Neo and even now the Solo. Note (no pun intended) to Samsung: open up your Gear line to other Android phones and even iPhones.