Samsung's future smart home video includes 3D holograms, animated robots and more

samsung robot
By John Callaham on 5 Sep 2014 08:44 am

Samsung's CEO Boo-Keun Yoon delivered the keynote address today at the 2014 IFA trade show in Berlin, but instead of talking about new smartphones or tablets, he offered his vision of a future smart home, complete with a video that showed lots of examples of what such a residence might look like

Samsung has already uploaded Yoon's speech to YouTube, and the video showing the "future home" begins at the 48:30 mark. It shows things like interactive walls that can show how many calories you have burned on your morning run, or a stove that uses touchscreens and icons to monitor temperatures. 3D holograms are also features for chatting in the home with family and friends

There's even an animated robot assistant, also in 3D hologram form, that offers people in the video suggestions on which sport they might like to try ("Golf? How about Swimming"). The robot is also seen projected on a smart refrigerator, where it warns not to offer a particular food to a person. Finally, the robot appears in a window waving "Good bye" to a couple as they leave the home for an evening out. Yoon joked after the video was presented that the robot was actually his own personal assistant and he let Samsung borrow it for the presentation.

What do you think of Samsung's vision of a smart home?

Source: Samsung on YouTube

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