Smartlet looks to skip the smartwatch and put your phone on your wrist

By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2013 09:29 am

A new project on Kickstarter is looking to nix the smartwatch and go straight to putting your phone on your wrist. Smartlet is essentially a wristband for your iPhone that keeps your device at the ready when you need it. Instead of having a smartwatch as a go-between or having to pull your phone out of your pocket to use it, Smartlet keeps it ready to go, right on your wrist.

We're obviously big fans of smartwatches so seeing this option seems a bit over the top, but we can certainly see some users adopting it. Rather than having a watch with limited notifications and interaction, you're iPhone is the watch and you can use it as you normally would. You can use it while in the Smartlet, or easily slide it out for normal use. It's similar to the Neptune Pine methodology of having a fully functioning device as your watch, the only exception being size.

The Smartlet is aiming to reach a goal of $30,000 buy January 23rd.

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Reader comments

Smartlet looks to skip the smartwatch and put your phone on your wrist


Yeah I'm in the market for a smartwatch but I'm not about to start wearing my Q10 on my wrist lol. Buy hey, someone might think this is the best thing ever, so why not right? If they reach their goal then there is a need by some people at least.

The Saddle from Digifit does something similar. It's for use while running, I use mine at the gym, and puts your phone on the side of your wrist rather than the top or bottom where a watch would sit. The idea is that you then don't have to turn your wrist to see the screen. They make them for iphone 5 and 4 if I remember correctly.

As a Note 3 owner, this concept wouldn't work for me. But, I can't wait to see someone with an iPhone wearing this. It reminds me of the ear warmers that people use to hold the phone up to their ears. It eliminates the need for a Bluetooth earpiece, but I prefer to use Bluetooth instead of the ear warmer.