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Oru Watch is a dual-display smartwatch with everything you've ever wanted in a wearable

Oru Watch is a dual-display smartwatch with everything you've ever wanted in a wearable

Many new smartwatches have found their roots on Indiegogo, the latest of which bills itself as the "worlds first dual-display smartwatch." Oru Watch, a new project launched a few days ago, is an LCD smartwatch, E-paper smartwatch, and a power bank all in one device — and almost seems too good to...
The Apple Watch is official!

The Apple Watch is official!

Tim Cook has just made the Apple Watch official! The Apple Watch is a next-generation smartwatch that bumps up style to eleven. Integrating seamlessly with iPhone, it's sporting a digital crown that zooms in and out, scrolls through lists and more — so you never have to block the screen for...
Ultimate guide to Pebble

Ultimate guide to Pebble

The Pebble may have been a first smartwatch for many, but it was far from the first smartwatch made available to the public. And in fact, the Pebble wasn't even the first smartwatch from Eric Migicovsky. Stepping back for a moment — for those not familiar with the name — Eric Migicovsky is the...

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Pebble TIme

This is Pebble Time: Color e-paper and weeklong battery life

Kickstarter darling Pebble is back with a new, color, crowdfunded e-paper smartwatch. Meet Pebble Time, crowdfunding for $159. Today Pebble has announced the latest addition to its line of e-paper smartwatches, Pebble Time. Pebble Time is a newly redesigned smartwatch — both outside and in —...
Swatch makes watches. Swiss watches. Get it?

Swatch's smartwatch due in 3 months, won't have to be charged

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has been toying with the idea of a smartwatch for some time, and now CEO Nick Hayek is saying that we can expect in in the next three months. Swatch isn't your typical Swiss watchmaker though — their wares fall on the much more affordable side of the watch spectrum, with...
LG Audi webOS watch

LG's prototype smartwatch is running Open webOS

There are plenty of smartwatches here at CES 2015, but perhaps none as interesting as the LG/Audi prototype. The nameless LG watch isn't running Android Wear though — it's running Open webOS. We know that LG plans to bring webOS to wearables, and this device give us a great look at what could...
Montblanc unveils a smart band for its mechanical watches

Montblanc unveils a smart band for its mechanical watches

With smartwatches starting to creep into the domain of traditional watch manufacturers, it looks like some are eager to do what they can to keep up. Luxury watch manufacturer Montblanc has taken the wraps off of a € 250 strap for its watches that contains a screen capable of receiving...
Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge is a great fitness tracker, but it won't replace your smartwatch

Fitbit recently added three new models to the device lineup. The new additions were the Charge and the Charge HR, as well as the Surge. We've already spent a bit of time with the Charge, and more recently, we've been taking a look at the Surge. Fitbit has a solid reputation in terms of fitness...
Android Wear update

Android Wear's massive update: Official watch face API, new display modes, app features and more!

Android 5.0 will hit watches in an OTA update Google today has announced a major update to Android Wear, bringing some long-awaited official functionality to its smartwatches — and a host of new features to go along with them. Oh, and Android 5.0 is coming soon to your watch. There's a lot...
Intel's working to make a smarter TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer's reported to be teaming up with Intel for wearables

There's a chance your next TAG Heuer wristwatch may have some smarts inside it, courtesy of Intel. Apparently the Swiss luxury watchmaker has teamed up with leading silicon provider Intel to produce a TAG Heuer wearable, and they might show it off as soon as CES 2015 in January. According...
Asus ZenWatch now available from the Google Play Store

Asus ZenWatch now available from the Google Play Store

The Asus ZenWatch is now available to purchase from the Google Play Store. While the ZenWatch appeared on the Store yesterday, customers were unable to buy it, with the device labeled as "Coming Soon". You can now purchase the device for $199.99, and it should leave its warehouse in one to two...
G Watch R

LG G Watch R arriving at Sprint November 14th

If you're a Sprint customer and looking to pick up the LG G Watch R, you'll be able to do just that next week. LG's latest wearable will be arriving at Sprint stores and online on November 14th for $299.99. Easy Pay will be an option as well, allowing you to get the Android Wear device for $0...
Asus Zenwatch landing in the U.S. November 9th for $199

Asus Zenwatch landing in the U.S. November 9th for $199

As we continue on the rounds of new Android Wear devices this year, the Asus Zenwatch will be the next in line for a U.S. release. In just two days — on November 9th — the Zenwatch will go on sale at Best Buy for $199 before landing in Google Play at a later date. The Asus Zenwatch is one...