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Nano Watch

What was your first smartwatch?

With a slew of new smartwatches set to hit the streets over the next few months — including the long-awaited Android Wear devices — I got to thinking a bit about my first smartwatch, and what got me interested in the connected space. For many people it was a newer device like a Pebble or Galaxy...
How many people do you see with smartwatches?

How many people do you see with smartwatches?

The smartwatch market is getting pretty hot and really, there's barely a day that goes by that we don't hear about some new product soon to be available, some new Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign for the next best one, hopefully to be available soon — and we certainly know there's folks out...
LG G Watch R

This is the LG G Watch R

The second round Android Wear watch is a looker, but you'll have to wait for it No more teasers. This is the LG G Watch R — the South Korean manufacturer's second Android Wear smartwatch. It's also the second round entry we've seen this year, the Moto 360 being the other. And it looks like folks...

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Connectedly Show

Connectedly Show 04: Digital Knob - Apple Watch Super Show!

In this episode of the Connectedly Show, I was joined by Kevin, Phil, and Rene to talk all about smartwatches. We covered everything from the new Android Wear devices to the even newer Apple Watch and everything in between. More and more smartwatches are hitting the streets, and we're here to...

Smartwatch Buyers Guide

Smartwatches are starting to become more and more mainstream, so we understand if it's hard for you to decide which one is the right device for you. There is currently a huge variety of devices on the market, and plenty more are on the way. Some have been around for a while now, and others are...
Z30 Pebble

BlackBerry may be exploring wearables

BlackBerry soon be diving into the wearables spaces, according to John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry. During interviews at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, Sims said of BlackBerry, "We're doing internal research on different wearables." Which means that you could soon see a...
Hands on with Apple Watch!

Hands on with Apple Watch!

The Apple Watch doesn't ship until 2015 but I've already had a chance to try it on and see it in action. With 38mm and 42mm screen size options, standard, sport, and edition collections, you can customize both software and hardware to suit your own fashion sense, including up to gold plated...
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes in three flavors and two sizes

Apple's new Apple Watch will come in three different models to suit just about everyone. From the sporty to the luxurious, you'll be able to have just the look you want right on your wrist. And each will be available in a smaller size for folks who don't have a large wrist. The standard Apple...
A new wrist-born UI is conceived for the new Apple Watch

A new wrist-born UI is conceived for the new Apple Watch

In announcing the Apple Watch, Apple says that it has deliberately created a new user interface to create the best user experience on your wrist. Shrinking down iOS to fit in a small square screen was not optimal since the display is too small, so Apple went ahead and created a new way for you to...
The Apple Watch is official!

The Apple Watch is official!

Tim Cook has just made the Apple Watch official! The Apple Watch is a next-generation smartwatch that bumps up style to eleven. Integrating seamlessly with iPhone, it's sporting a digital crown that zooms in and out, scrolls through lists and more — so you never have to block the screen for...
Moto 360

Moto 360 availability

We've been looking longingly at the Moto 360 forever (or since we saw it at Google I/O) and the biggest question everyone has is: when?! Now we have an answer. The Moto 360 will be available in black leather and a limited edition gray leather (with suede finish) in the US today noon EST. You can...
Video walkthrough: The Asus Zenwatch

Video walkthrough: The Asus Zenwatch

Earlier this week Asus unveiled its first foray into the Android Wear space, the Zenwatch. From our initial hands on we've been left really impressed with it, and we're looking forward to it going on sale in October to get some real, quality time with it. We're still on the ground at IFA 2014 in...
LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R hands-on

If all the hype around the Moto 360 in recent months tells us anything, it's that tech enthusiasts want smartwatches that look good. LG's first Android Wear device, the G Watch, was little more than a vessel for Google's wearable OS. There really wasn't much hardware to talk about, just a...