Sonos to let you set up your system without the need for a Bridge

Sonos will soon let you set up your system without the need for a Bridge
By Rich Edmonds on 17 Apr 2014 09:46 am

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System enables folk to play media without the restrictions of speaker cables. Think of a wireless music setup and you've got the right idea. Utilizing SonosNet, the company has been able to provide consumers with the means to create networks dedicated to music alone, which ensures solid performance throughout the home.

Today, Sonos has shared its vision for the next step in wireless HiFi setups.

The company has managed to keep all the benefits of current systems available, but without directly connecting to a router. Cue the power of smartphones. Simply load up software on a smartphone, enter necessary credentials for connections to be made and Sonos essentially handles everything else.

This aims to make it even easier for everyone to get connected without cables and enjoy music. Sonos Bridge will still be available for those who aren't in range of Wi-Fi signal or have reduced network performance due to the environment, but this next step in the evolution of wireless music is a move we're excited to see.

Source: Sonos

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Sonos to let you set up your system without the need for a Bridge


I use Roomtunes and it works great. Roomtunes is a native BB10 app. I had a hell of a time getting the bridge up and running so it is good news in my book if you can set up your speakers without the bridge. It will also make them a lot more portable.

As long as they can get the same performance without the bridge, this sounds great. Also, I'm wondering whether this could then use the mobile phone as a sort of "hotspot" for the Sonos Network, where it would bypass the router entirely, so you could have a Sonos network wherever you have your mobile phone, speakers and a power source... Speaking of which, where's the mobile power add-on for the Sonos Play:1? A battery pack, along with this functionality, would be AWESOME!