Sony Mesh platform uses connected blocks for DIY gadget-making

By Simon Sage on 22 May 2014 11:11 am

Sony Mesh

Sony recently announced a super-simple connected objects platform called Mesh whereby creators use wirelessly-connected blocks to build machines. These Mesh blocks can be speakers, motion sensors, LEDs, microphones, speakers, cameras, or buttons, each connecting with one another over Bluetooth and using a common software platform. That programming platform is dead easy to use and based on HTML5, so users can tap, drag, and drop blocks in the graphical interface and type in commands from their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Right now Sony is just prototyping Mesh, so you can't run out and buy those blocks just yet, but the system looks very promising and could offer an accessible entry into the world of DIY gadgets. For those looking to cut their teeth on something a bit more advanced, read up on our guide on how to get started with Raspberry Pi.

Source: Sony

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Very interesting concept. I wonder if they will eventually segway this isn't a "build your own phone/tablet" type deal, similar to what Google is doing.


I wonder if the blocks will be able to connect to older things around the house like coffee pots, blenders, washing machines, etc.


I'm sorry but, I just don't get this? Can someone please explain the real practical use of this? I could see combining motion sensors with a light or something, but I may be way off in the goal of this besides seeming to just be fancy legos?


Today's (or next week's) version of an Erector set. I can see kids taking to this in a way most adults probably won't.


so it's a sort of a project ara raspberrypie?


Anyone else read this and think "licensing deal with Lego..."? This sounds awesome.


The concept reminds me of Logibloc toys... It's Just as awesome.


Reminds me of Lego Mindstorms...