Talk2Watch update brings bug fixes for Twitter, foursquare and weather

Talk2Watch update brings bug fixes for Twitter, FourSquare and Weather
By DJ Reyes on 24 Feb 2014 12:06 pm

For now, Talk2Watch is the only option BlackBerry 10 users have to get good use out their Pebble smartwatch. But it's a great app with lots of features so I'm not going to complain. A few changes in the past couple of months to the Twitter API meant that things got a little pear-shaped and Twitter notifications stopped working with Talk2Watch. This update address that issue, so you should be able to get Twitter notifications running again. This update also fixes weather and foursquare issues. 

Just to get you excited, too. Good things are coming in the world of Talk2Watch. We've already seen one app, Watch2Watch, bring integration with Talk2Watch and we should see more. It's making me love my Pebble even more and great props to the developer for all the work he's putting into this app.

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Reader comments

Talk2Watch update brings bug fixes for Twitter, foursquare and weather


Would like Facebook support similar to the native pebble app. Both direct messaging and notifications. I believe the app says it supports direct messages. But it has never worked for me.

Hi DJ, how well does the pairing of the Pebble with your BB10 work? I have a Z30 and am interested in a smartwatch, but I read that Talk2Watch doesn't read notifications from the workspace, which is exactly where I would want my notifications from. What's your experience been?