Join us as we explore life with Google Glass: Through Glass is coming to Connectedly

By Adam Zeis on 5 May 2014 11:13 am

We're ramping things up here at Connectedly with all kinds of connected devices — everything from Sonos to Pebble to GoPro. One of our favorites, Google Glass, is one of the coolest connected gadgets you can find right now and will only get better down the road.

Our friends at Android Central have already kicked things off some great stories from actual Glass Explorers who have plenty of hands-on time with Google Glass. However just like nearly every piece of tech we own — no two people will use Glass the same way. So to get a deeper look into just what makes Glass work or how different users do different things, Through Glass takes a look at some stories from experts who offer up insight as to how they use Glass in their daily lives.

You'll see the series of posts popping up here soon, so join us as we explore the world Through Glass!


Phil Nickinson


Wait. This means more work for me, I fear. :p

Adam Zeis

Same amount of work, just double the effort.

... or something.


Neat. Will be interested to see how other folks like living with a HUD everywhere they go.


I really liked the posts so far. Keep 'em coming!


Awesome! I can't wait until they start making consumer versions! One can hope...


I'm really interested to see what people will do with Glass and how they integrate them into life. I have access with one for testing at work, personally, I'm not sure what I'd do with one.


I'm glad I added this site to Feedly too. I really want Google Glass, and it's good to see how it works in peoples lives beforehand.


I wonder when the final version of glass will arrive in stores. This Explorer Program is taking forever.


AC's "Through Glass" stories are great, because they are so personal. I hope Connectedly continues in a similar manner. I also hope the stories are posted both places.