Upcoming Fitbit Surge update to add multi-device tracking and cycling support

Fitbit Surge Cycling
By Jared DiPane on 23 Mar 2015 10:01 am

The Fitbit Surge is the company's newest fitness tracker, but that doesn't mean it has every feature one could wish for. Over the next couple of weeks Fitbit will be rolling out a few updates that will bring some new features to the device. The first update that is set to arrive this week will bring multi-device support. With the addition of this feature users will be able to easily switch between Fitbit trackers and continue to measure their progress with no issues. For those who like to hide something like the Fitbit Zip in your pocket at work, but use the Fitbit Surge while on a run, the switch can now be done with little effort.

Next month Fitbit will also be bringing cycling support to the Surge, allowing cyclists to better monitor their rides. Distance, duration, average speed, calories and even heart rate will be tracked for cyclists now and synced to the mobile apps. The rides will be tracked on a map, and those who want to view the information in more detail will be able to zoom in on the web to see by-the-second stats.

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Upcoming Fitbit Surge update to add multi-device tracking and cycling support

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I love Fitbit's platform, but they are really losing me with their devices. I have been using the Fitbit One for a while, mostly because it is on my belt and can be hidden. I realize that you can't get heart rate monitoring on a belt clip, and I would consider a wrist-tracker if they were more like the Flex than the new Surge and Charge. I don't need another timepiece on my wrist. If it ever comes out, I am very intrigued by the Jawbone UP3 that has continuous heart rate monitoring on a wristband about the same size as the Flex, but I'll miss the Fitbit software.