Watch2Watch out of beta and available now from BlackBerry World

Watch2Watch out of beta and available from BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 19 Feb 2014 09:43 am

An app that has been available in beta via the Smartwatch Fans forums for BlackBerry 10 owners has now made its way to BlackBerry World. Watch2Watch is a companion type app for Talk2Watch and it allows you to send direct messages to a Pebble watch, provided you know its PIN ID, which is the last four characters of the Pebble serial number (also the Bluetooth number). It went through many iterations during beta, as apps normally do during the testing period and the UI has been cleaned up quite nicely.

You can now add contacts for easy access and chats are better distinguished too. You will need to be running Talk2Watch for it work and it needs to be open in an Active Frame too, to receive notifications. You can create pre-defined messages and use a button combination to send them for the times you just need to send a quick message or response to someone.

I am definitely loving the changes to the UI, very nicely done. You have an Active Frame with real-time notifications as well as a BlackBerry Spark icon when you have unread messages waiting. You can give any feedback to the developer via the forums to request features or relay any issues you may come across. Watch2Watch is free to download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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Watch2Watch out of beta and available now from BlackBerry World

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Is Pebble the best smart watch option for BlackBerry 10 devices? I'd prefer either the Sony or Samsung GG, but don't know if they work well on BB10. If anyone has any experience, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks in advance!

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