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SMS Audio heart-rate sensing headphones leverages Intel tech to solve wearable tech's biggest challenge

SMS Audio heart-rate sensing headphones leverage Intel tech to solve wearable tech's biggest challenge

50 Cent's SMS Audio and Intel have partnered together to release new heart-rate sensing headphones. While the headphones sound similar to what LG had released earlier in the year, the Intel partnership solves one of the biggest problems with wearable technology. Thus far, many of the wearables on...
Toshiba's new fitness band lasts two weeks on a single charge

Toshiba's new fitness band lasts two weeks on a single charge

Toshiba is trying its hand at fitness trackers with its new WERAM1100 activity band. The band will track steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns, and Toshiba claims that the device will have a battery life of two weeks. The WERAM1100 connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth, where you can...
Misfit Shine — not long for this world?

Misfit CEO sees wearable fitness trackers getting crushed by smartwatches

Today saw the announcement that Misfit's activity tracking software was coming to Pebble smartwatches, something that took us by surprise, apparently it's because Misfit's leadership saw the death of dedicated fitness trackers in the tea leaves. All told, wearable fitness trackers are a...

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Reviewed: Fitbit Charge

Reviewed: Fitbit Charge

Fitness trackers seem to be attracting quite of bit of attention lately, and those looking for a tracker have a wide variety of options to consider. But while there are plenty of available options — one company seems to have risen to the top in terms of market share. Fitbit, who first launched...
Arki, the fitness band for walking

Arki isn't about just step counts, it's about stepping better

Quick, what's your walking posture like? Are you moseying around with your hands in your pockets, or are you head down towards your smartphone? Are you just doing it all wrong? That's what Arki aims to fix by using motion tracking for more than just counting steps. The Kickstarter campaign, which...
Fitness Bands

Ultimate guide to buying the best fitness tracker

Finding the best fitness tracker is no easy task. Fitness trackers are part of a rapidly growing category at the moment. We've been seeing bands from the likes of FitBit and Jawbone, both of whom have released several models over the years. We've also been seeing new bands from established names...
Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge Unboxing

The new Fitbit Charge has hit the streets and is ready for action. It was announced along with the Charge HR and Surge, both of which will be available for purchase in a few more weeks. The Charge is essentially a revamped Fitbit Force, so anyone that had (or still has) one should be very...
Fitbit Flex

Fitbit rolls out changes to address allergy complaints

After issuing a mass recall for the Fitbit Force earlier this year, the brand is stating that it will issue allergy-related warnings as well as a sizing guide to prevent users from wearing the fitness bands too tightly. The new warnings will first make their way onto the Flex, which will come...
Jaybird's Reign fitness band hitting October 26 for $199

Jaybird's Reign fitness band hitting October 26 for $199

Jaybird will bring its long awaited Reign fitness wristband to the US on October 26, and will price the device at $199, with support for Android and iOS apps along with web browser support. Jaybird claims the Reign will be different than all those other activity tracker devices in a number of...
Polar M400 GPS watch coming later this year for $200

Polar M400 GPS watch coming later this year for $200

Polar has introduced their latest fitness tracking wearable, the M400. The $200 GPS device is jam-packed with standard fitness tracking features like speed and heart rate, but also adds in more runner-centric items like a run-time estimator, return to start function, and weekly training. Polar...
Withings Activité in white

Wrist-on with the fancy Withings Activité fitness watch

Smartwatches and fitness watches started out somewhat utilitarian and understated, but watches like the upcoming Withings Activité are bringing real fashion to the party. Unlike the round-faced Moto 360 and LG G Watch R smartwatches running Android Wear, the Withing Activité dials things back to...
VivoSmart HR 400

The Garmin Vivosmart tracks your activity and gives you smart notifications

Garmin today has announced the latest addition to their wearables lineup — the Garmin Vivosmart. The Vivosmart is an activity tracker that also features smart notifications. Vibrating alerts are sent to the device for calls, texts, calendar reminders and other alerts from a connected smartphone....
Jabra's new earburds track your heart while pumping tracks

Jabra's new earbuds will track your heartbeat while pumping tunes

The Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds from Jabra will, as the name might imply, monitor your heartbeat through your lobes. The Bluetooth earbuds feature a biometric heart rate monitor that will sync up with the Jabra Sport Pulse app (coming for both iPhone and Android) and give the exercising wearer...