We here at Connectedly like to take a look at all things tech and connected. These are the world's richest people who made their wealth in building the companies we like to follow. These figures were all collected and published by Forbes.

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1. 10

$19.4 billion

Starting out our list of the ten richest people in tech is Dell's founder and CEO Michael Dell. In 2013, Michael Dell had bid 24.4 billion to buy-out and take Dell Inc private. It was the largest management buyout since the Great Recession.

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2. #9

$21.4 billion

The 9th richest person in tech is Laurene Powell Jobs and her family. Estimated to be worth 21.4 billion dollars. The widow of the late Steve Jobs, Laurene spends her time spreading her wealth for helpful social causes.

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3. #8

$22.7 billion

The world's 8th richest person is former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. He is the worlds largest individual shareholder of Microsoft stocks, and in 2014 became the Los Angeles Clippers owner. He is worth an estimated 22.7 billion dollars.

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4. #7

$23.2 billion

The 7th richest person in the world is Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma. Alibaba Group owns highly successful Internet-based businesses such as its online megastore Alibaba.com. Jack Ma is worth an estimated 23.2 billion dollars.

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5. #6

$32.8 billion

The 6th richest person in tech, worth an estimated 32.8 billion dollars is Google's co-founder Sergey Brin. In 2009, he and business partner Larry Page were named the fifth most powerful people in the world.

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$33.4 billion

The 5th richest person in tech is Alphabet CEO, Larry Page. Alphabet is the conglomerate that owns Google itself. It also includes subsidiaries like Google Ventures, Calico, and Nest Labs. Today Larry Page is worth an approximate 33.4 billion dollars.

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7. #4

$41.2 billion

The 4th richest person in tech is Facebook's co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Creating the world's most popular social site, Mark Zuckerberg is built up his 41.2 billion dollars while giving everyone a platform to receive candy crush invites. Thanks Mark!

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8. #3

$47.8 billion

The world's third richest tech person is Jeff Bezos, CEO of online superstore Amazon.com. The company that now lets you buy virtually anything, and hopes to someday deliver it via drones helped Jeff Bezos amass a hefty 47.8 billion dollars.

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$50.0 billion

The 2nd richest person in tech is Larry Ellison, the founder and current chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle. Oracle specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems as well as enterprise software products and is one of the largest software makers by revenue. Larry Ellison is worth a cool 50 billion dollars.

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10. #1

$79.2 billion

The richest person in tech is none-other than Bill Gates, the 59-year-old co-founder of Microsoft is the world's richest person overall. While, under his leadership, Microsoft made PCs cool by releasing the Windows operating system. No longer the chairman of Microsoft, Bill now spends his time doing philanthropy and enjoying his 79.2 billion dollars.

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