Mobile phones use to be for calling. At least until the smartphone came around. As the demand for smartphones skyrocketed, manufacturers have raced to improve and offer new features into our devices. With that has brought the ability to do more and more on our phones, and in turn has killed the need for a lot of other products. Here are ten things our smartphones have contributed to either completely killing or taking sizable bites out of. Leave a comment below and let us know what your smarthphone has replaced in your life and what things future smartphones may help replace or kill.

1. Cameras

Pretty much all Smartphones come with a camera built in, and they continuously keep getting better and better. With many smartphones coming packed with high megapixel sensors, they have replaced the need for stand-alone pocket cameras and have even began to hurt the sales of high-end SLR equipment. The smartphones of today come with cameras more than adequate for most people nowadays.

2. GPS Devices

In 2000 the personal mobile GPS devices became more widespread and popular, and prices on them began to fall. Although the option of GPS units in vehicles has helped, the inclusion of GPS and services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps on our phones has made mobile GPS units a very niche product.

3. Books

While for many the act of reading from a physical book is sacred and therapeutic, e-book apps and e-readers such as the Kindle have become a more practical way to get your reading fix. The ability to store and carry multiple books in one device have helped tablets, phones and e-readers take a big bite out of the need for physical books and magazines.

4. Wallets

Mobile banking and services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are fueling a revolution of people who no longer have a need for a physical wallet. With more and more merchants jumping on board, and the development of e-currencies such as Bitcoin that run on mobile phones, the wallet is slowly being replaced.

5. Remotes & Switches

More and more phones come with built-in IR blasters these days. With that comes the ability to control our TVs and other devices. With smart connected technology being built into more and more things, our phones have become a way to control lights such as the Philips Hue, air conditioners, garage doors and much more.

6. Video Games

While for true gamers, nothing can replace the joy of playing your favourite game on a big screen tv or computer monitor. The improvement in both CPU and GPU speeds on our smartphones has meant a better mobile game experience. Many video game studios have chosen to focus on mobile gaming and more fun and impressive games are coming to market. Gaming on your phone has become the new time killer and replaced console gaming for many.

7. Cable TV

With cord cutting become the new trend, many of us choose to watch and stream our favourite movies and tv shows on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The ease of doing this on our phone or tablet while laying in bed or sitting on the couch has replaced the need for a big screen tv and cable boxes. In-expensive devices such as the Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV have all made streaming to your TV easier and further killed cable tv subscriptions.

8. Music Players

In the 80's you weren't cool if you didn't have a Walkman. In the late 90s that turned into portable CD players, and in 2001 the iPod became all the rage. Most people now store or stream their music on their smartphones making the stand alone music players a niche gadget.

9. Watches / Clocks

Most of us now rely strictly on our phones to know what time it is. Rather than an alarm clock on our nightstand, many of us use our smartphones to wake us up. They tend to be the first thing we reach for in the morning to check the time. Smartphones offer an accurate time that gets pulled directly from the network they connect to, requiring no adjustments for daylight savings time. As of late we've seen the rise of smartwatches such as the Apple Watch and Android Wear based devices that bring smartphone functions to our wrists.

10. Landline Phones

The smartphone has essentially also killed the landline phone. With everyone having a smartphone in their pocket, payphones are now becoming relics in the wild. With texting and image sharing, it's now easier to relay messages without the need to call anyone. For many of us, the phone part of our smartphones has become the least important aspect. The new era of communicating using different platforms can all be done via smartphones.