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This $30,000 AMVOX 2 watch can unlock your imaginary $200,000 Aston Martin

AMVOX 2 watch
By Chuong H Nguyen on 5 May 2014 03:05 pm

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre is building a smartwatch with very limited functionality. Rather than displaying a ton of notifications from your smartphone or allow you to interact with your phone via voice, the Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 will perform two simple functions: allow you to know the time via the the watch's Swiss-made chronograph face and unlock your Aston Martin vehicle.

The simple approach means that the AMVOX2 will retain a classic analog face that luxury timepieces are known for and will come with a precision engineered Swiss movement for timekeeping. The transponder that is built into the AMVOX2 will allow the watch to unlock and lock your Aston Martin.

The design of the round watch is rather simple despite a chronograph movement. Chronograph functionality on an analog watch is used for stopwatch functionality and many Swiss watchmakers emply three buttons for such a design. Instead, Jaegre-LeCoutre is using a single button while at the same time adding the remote lock and unlock feature to keep the design minimalistic. Users can press on the left side of the watch to unlock and the right side of the sapphire glass crystal to lock the car. There is also a sliding lever that is used to activate the chronograph to reduce the number of buttons required on the watch.

This isn't the first time that Jaeger-LeCoutre and Aston Martin have worked together. The first generation AMVOX was released in 2006 which worked with a limited number of Aston Martin cars. The second generation watch, however, should be compatible with any recent Aston Martin.

If you have to ask about the price of either the car or the watch, you're likely not in the demographic of Jaegre-LeCoutre nor Aston Martin. The watch starts at just under $30,000, a sizable amount considering that Aston Martins are priced around $200,000. For the asking price, Jaegre-LeCoutre is offering your a luxury timepiece with a chronograph built in as well as a keyless entry remote for your car that's always strapped to your wrist. If minimalism, classical watch design, and luxury are for your tastes, this is a nice accoutrement to your Aston Martin.

It will be interesting to see if Google's Android Wear can offer similar functionality through third-party apps and after-market hardware. Viper's hardware can allow existing cars to be remotely unlocked and started via a smartphone, and if Viper builds an Android Wear app, it could allow smartwatches like the Motorola 360 to function like the AMVOX 2, minus the mechanical Swiss movement and for a lot less than the Jaegre-LeCoutre asking price.

Source: Forbes

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This $30,000 AMVOX 2 watch can unlock your imaginary $200,000 Aston Martin


I'm so glad I checked your website in between laps in my gold coin vault. I've sent my man servant to pick up both of these fine products.

As a Ferrari salesman said to the punter "If you're asking the price, you are in the wrong place"

Quality comes at a price

It's like the Porche designed watch... except, not designed by Porche or associated with Porche and it has an extra feature that the Porche designed watch never had.

I think I'll go drive my Aston Martin now... oh yeah, I don't have one.

There is a market for anything it seems. Somehow though I feel the $200,000 car is a better value than the $30,000 watch.

30,000 dollars for a watch that doubles up as a car key. no thank you ! i would rather open an aston martin using its remote !

Some of you are way too cynical. Because I learned to be prepared in the boy scouts, I just ordered one on the off chance that I win the lottery and end up purchasing an Aston Martin.