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This 3D printer accessory lets you print with Nutella

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2014 12:47 pm

If you hadn't been able to justify the need for a 3D printer before, this one's for you. Discov3ry, a new "Universal Paste Extruder" for 3D printers just hit Kickstarter yesterday and the campaign has already exceeded its $30,000 goal. Discov3ry works with nearly all existing 3D printers and allows you to go beyond just plastic as it is able to print with various "pastes" like silicone, wood filler, clay, icing, ceramics and yes, even Nutella.

Of course to use this at all, you'll need to have a compatible 3D printer, so not just anyone can't magically print with Nutella. If you want to back the Discov3ry for $3,500 though, you'll get a Makerbot Replicator 2 to go along with your new extruder. Should you already own a printer, $249 will get you in the door for just the Discov3ry, with varying levels of fame going up from there.

It's amazing to see how far 3D printers have come in such a short time. I'm one of the many that have yet to see a need for actually owning one, though if I can print my own cookies and other edible creations, I might just be able to find some desk space for one.

Do 3D printers interest you? How would you feel about printing with the Discov3ry?

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This 3D printer accessory lets you print with Nutella

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Bakeries will have to get this to compete, someday in the future. Can you imagine companies that now print logos on items for a living, will go out of business because companies can easily create and print it themselves? For consumer use I think it'll probably be too expensive to become that popular. I know I won't be getting one if it costs more than a couple of hundred Euros. Because it's not something you use daily like a smartphone, I'm not spending too much on it. But reading about it is so interesting..