There is a new camera out that promises to pack DSLR-quality photography into a pocket-sized point and shoot body. It's called the Light L16, the 16 being there for the fact it has 16 different camera lenses built into its housing. Each lens is 13-megapixels, and any ten can fire simultaneously at any given moment. When combined the L16 will offer a ridiculous 52-megapixels of image quality. In total, there are five 35mm lenses, five 70mm lenses, and six 150mm lenses. As Light terms it, its the equivalent of having a camera body, zoom, and three fast prime lenses right in your pocket.

The back of the Light features a large 5-inch touch screen that promises to make it easy to capture professional-looking photos on the go. It also has onboard editing, and the built-in WiFi makes it easy to share those photos with loved ones. Other neat features include the ability to adjust your photos depth of field even after the photo is taken, and it will shoot all the way to an f 1.2 stop. The optical zoom also offers 35 - 150 mm of zooming giving this camera a decent range.

All this power in a compact size isn't going to be cheap. Light is currently taking launch month preorders for a hefty $1299. The camera also won't ship till summer of 2016, and if you don't preorder yours by November 6th, the price goes up even more to $1699 per unit.

PreOrder your Light L16 today / $1299