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7Digital Music App coming to Tizen and Samsung's Gear devices

By Adam Zeis on 7 Mar 2014 10:15 am

The popular music service 7Digital announced today they they will soon be bringing their music app to the new Tizen OS — including that on wearable devices. 7Digitial is already available across BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Windows and Firefox. With the app, users of Tizen-powered Gear devices will be able to browse, purchase and play over 25 million tracks in 7Digital's catalog. The app will share features along the lines of the current iOS and Android apps. It's expected to be available in Q2 of 2014.

Press Release

7digital Announces Music App Support for Tizen™

First legal music download app available for open-source OS, Tizen™

London, UK. March 7, 2014 – 7digital, the leading open digital music platform, today announced plans to release a new app for the open source operating system, Tizen™. The app will join 7digital’s range of apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Windows 8 and Firefox, and will simplify access to music on devices powered by Tizen™ including wearable technology devices.

The 7digital Tizen™ app will provide users with access to 7digital’s 25 million track catalogue for à la carte music download purchasing and locker streaming. Album and track prices will match those in the 7digital.com webstore and other 7digital branded apps.

CEO of 7digital, Ben Drury commented: “We have a long history of supporting most mobile operating systems, and we are demonstrating further momentum by introducing an app for Tizen™. Wearable technology and music services have an obvious user case, and a 7digital app for Tizen™ adds to our belief in an open and agnostic approach to music access. We have the right infrastructure in place to innovate quickly, demonstrating our ability to be the first dedicated music app available on this new OS.”

The new Tizen™ app, which provides similar functionality to the 7digital app for Android and Windows Phone, will be available to users globally, with localised features and major label catalogue in over 20 territories. Users will be able to wirelessly sync their 7digital music from the cloud to devices, stream or download music purchases from the cloud-based locker, and access 30 second previews of all songs. The app will be available for users in Q2 2014.

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7Digital Music App coming to Tizen and Samsung's Gear devices