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Add customizable cards to your Pebble with Pebble Cards

By DJ Reyes on 9 Apr 2014 09:17 am

We've looked at getting Google Now on your Pebble watch here on Smartwatch Fans but as always, in a world of Pebble watch apps, there will be plenty of other options available. I've recently come across a watch face called Pebble Cards, available for both Android and iOS Pebble users. It's a watch face with the ability to add customizable cards. As it's a watch app and not an active watch face, you'll find it with other watch apps in the main Pebble menu.

There's no companion app but all options to choose the watch face theme and cards are found in the Settings via the Pebble app - My Pebble>Pebble Cards>Settings. There are two themes to choice from - Modern and Classic. You can then choose whether you prefer the Day or Night theme, or even go Auto for it to change accordingly, depending on the time of day.

Pebble Cards  Add Pebble Cards

Below the settings you'll find your added cards. By default, a few cards have been added - Weather, Stock and a Note. The note just lets you know that you can press and hold the middle button on your Pebble to view more. To add a card just choose from the side swiping list at the bottom. Tap to add it to your cards list. If it's editable you can tap the card and you can adjust the information from there. Be sure to hit Save, which can be found at the top or of the bottom of the Settings page. You can also rearrange the order of the cards just be dragging the card by the name and placing it where you wish. To delete a card, just swipe across the card to bring up the Delete option.

Pebble Cards Rearrange  Delete Pebble Cards

As mentioned above, Pebble Cards is a watch app. Your Pebble and device need to be connected in order to use it. It cannot be used as a regular watch face. To scroll through your cards just use the up and down buttons on your Pebble. You can also press and hold the middle button to see more information presented. Like more calendar entries, more weather information, such as Highs and Lows.

A list of cards you can add

  • Driving Time
  • Transit
  • Sports Team
  • Battery
  • RSS
  • Stock
  • World Clock
  • Weather
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Calendar
  • Note
  • Custom Link

There is also an option to login to your Google Calendar account to use that for the Calendar card.

Pebble Cards does exactly what it says on the tin. Pretty simple and it does the job pretty well. At least for what I would use it for. Available for both Android and iOS users, it's a watch app that I recommend checking out if you want to add cards to your Pebble. Especially since it's free. You can find Pebble Cards in the Pebble appstore.

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Add customizable cards to your Pebble with Pebble Cards