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Hunting an animal just to hang it's head on a wall is pointless and sad. However, hanging a paper version of a lion, stag, or even a T-Rex is fricken awesome!

Some assembly required

Papertrophy's incredible artwork WILL become the conversation piece in any room you hang it in. The unique 3D renderings of of beasts from near and far are simple and beautiful. Decorate your walls with a lion's bust, an elephant raising its might trunk, or with a T-Rex torso blasting through your drywall!



Papertrophy creates unique, animal-themed, artwork from paper which can be displayed around your home.

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No wall space? No problem!

Papertrophy also creates freestanding artwork including a three foot gorilla, a baby squirrel, or penguins! Each artform comes in a variety of colors and you can even pitch the company on making you a custom creation! When you receive your Papertrophy you actually end up with flattened folded paper (so no damage during shipping). Then you have a fun craft to work on! For a few hours, armed with a bottle of glue, simply follow the fold lines and instructions and watch your animal come to life!