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Adidas miCoach data to be shared with MyFitnessPal app

Adidas announced today that data collected from its miCoach family of wearable smart fitness devices can now be synced up with the MyFitnessPal program. It's the first time Adidas has opened up its miCoach data to a third party platform. In a blog post, Adidas stated: Go to Settings on the...
Adidas's new miCoach Fit Smart will track your workouts from your wrist, style be damned

Adidas's new miCoach Fit Smart will track your workouts from your wrist, style be damned

Many fitness tracker manufacturers put considerable effort into attaining a design that's as small and attractive as possible, but not Adidas. Their new miCoach Fit Smart wrist-worn tracker isn't particularly beautiful, and it's certainly not small, but it makes up for that with raw function. The...
Adidas miCoach Fit Smart

Adidas' upcoming miCoach Fit Smart smartband leaked, may run Google Fit

At its annual I/O conference yesterday, Google unveiled the Google Fit health tracking platform that allows devs to build apps that can fetch data from a slew of wearable devices. While no devices were mentioned at the event, a series of leaks today suggest that Adidas is getting set to launch a...
Adidas Smart Ball

Adidas kicks off their Bluetooth-enabled Smart Ball for soccer players

Adidas is releasing the Bluetooth Smart-connected Smart Ball to help train soccer players improve their kick. The $299 ball comes with a number of integrated sensors and connects with an app on your iPhone to help improve your kicking abilities for shots like penalties, free-kicks, shooting,...
Adidas SmartRun

Adidas loading offline Spotify playback on its Smart Run miCoach wearable

Adidas today confirmed the company has worked with Spotify to offer the music streaming service with offline playback on its miCoach Smart Run accessory later this year. The Smart Run, an Android-powered smartwatch, will require users to have a Spotify subscription, but will ultimately offer a...