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Adidas kicks off their Bluetooth-enabled Smart Ball for soccer players

Adidas Smart Ball
By Chuong H Nguyen on 27 May 2014 02:55 pm

Adidas is releasing the Bluetooth Smart-connected Smart Ball to help train soccer players improve their kick. The $299 ball comes with a number of integrated sensors and connects with an app on your iPhone to help improve your kicking abilities for shots like penalties, free-kicks, shooting, corners, long passes or goal kicks.

The ball also features a convenient wireless charging dock so you can recharge the ball after you're done practicing with it.

The Smart Ball is now available through Adidas and its online stores and will be joining a Bluetooth-enabled basketball at Apple retail stores and Apple online stores in the U.S. and Europe.

"The Smart Ball relays data on how hard it has been struck, offers visual flight trajectories, depicts ball spin and shows impact points via the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball app available for iPhone and iPod touch," the company said. "This data can then be used to help train players, providing coaching instructions on how to alter kicking technique to bend free kicks, launch knuckle balls and generate more shot power."

Coupled with the app, users can challenge themselves, improve their skills, and record their performances. More information is available at Adidas. Any sports players eager to try this out?

Source: Adidas

Reader comments

Adidas kicks off their Bluetooth-enabled Smart Ball for soccer players


That's actually pretty cool.

Great for determining what you're doing wrong in terms of foot placement, etc.

Agreed. It is cool and pretty inexpensive compared to the alternatives in terms of motion tracking through sensors or slow motion cameras then the software involved. This is a good standalone alternative that adds the competitive game/social element to it.

Alas the iOS only part is exceptionally lame and links back to comments I have made in recent articles. This is yet another example.

There's nothing like going over the top. First a cushion to monitor my flatulence and posture. Now a ball to monitor how many times it gets kicked. Next a hat to monitor how many times I knod my head. Nothing like overkill!

This is amazing. We seem to be getting closer to having every object connected every day. The price is a little high, but unlike a lot of smartwatches, this item seems to totally deserve it.

It does not make much sense... It helps, but it cannot make you play better because in the end, soccer is about your abilities.

That's awesome. I've long been interested in how connected soft/hardware can be used for athletic improvements. A soccer ball might make the most sense out of any sport, with the ability to have the ball be still and kick a specific part to get the curving you want. I don't think it makes much sense for personal use (unless you have $ to burn), but summer camps/etc could use this as a great tool.

I'll dream of the day a hockey stick comes with this technology lol

What they should do is integrate more tech into the whole game of football. So that the matches are more fair and nobody can start a war on facebook about what the referee did wrong. Seriously it gets really irritating!! They have review systems in many other sports, yet football is yet to join in.