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AI Watch production model shown in all it's glory

By Jerry Hildenbrand on 6 May 2014 08:25 pm

Can't get enough of the AI Watch? Then you'll love this six and a half minute long video that shows off the production model and all the features. With a beefy set of internals — including a quad-core CPU in the standard model and an octa-core CPU in the Ultra version — and running what looks to be a full-blown version of Android KitKat (including the MIUI launcher) the AI Watch is designed to be the perfect companion to your smartphone or the perfect stand-alone device.

Billed as the "most advanced smartwatch" the AI Watch has a lot of people excited. You can preorder one now in a myriad of colors and styles.

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AI Watch production model shown in all it's glory


Pretty cool. I'm glad so many companies are producing smart watches. The more competition, the better the products and abilities.

I agree competition is good but nothing comes close to the specs of A.I Watch 1.7GHz Octa-Core processor. It's like a miniaturized smartphone on your wrist, it's actually more powerful than some current smartphones...

This makes me want Android Wear even more... Maybe I'm too hardcore Google.

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It's a really niche thing, but after having one, you realize that it's a really nice feature.

Also, I'm stoked to see the microUSB port!

The whole point of a watch having many features is to be able to be less dependant on a smartphone in the those situations when you don't feel like hauling a huge smartphone around. The micro USB can also be used as a Headphone jack the watch comes with headphones with a special connector. I am assuming that's how the FM radio feature gets reception.

Well it's way cooler if the battery life's longer. We just don't need the most powerful features, we need real power ;)

It was an interesting video but I found the accent of the person demonstrating the A.I watch was so heavy that it required me to review the video 2 times and even then I had questions. If you want to market a product in North America it would be nice to know what the demonstrator was saying. As far as the watch is concerned it seems like a huge amount of overkill. Should I buy the phone or buy the watch but I sure don't need both.

Why do you need an 8 core processor when the, Moto X runs great on a dual core? It seems like ridiculous overkill. It just adds cost and kills the battery.