Air Berlin's Pebble boarding cards are super convenient and easy to use

By Richard Devine on 26 Apr 2014 09:09 am

Earlier this week German airline, Air Berlin, updated its iPhone app with a pretty major redesign and the new ability to add your boarding cards to your Pebble. Since I'm flying with Air Berlin tomorrow I've already been through the process, so figured it was worth checking back. The good news is that it's super easy to use and is even more airport convenient than using your iPhone.

The Air Berlin app for Pebble comes in two parts, so you'll have to grab the app from the Pebble appstore as well as having the one on your phone. After that getting your boarding card onto your watch is simple. When you've done checking in, the iPhone app will present you a variety of options to collect your boarding card. If you want to use your Pebble you need to make sure to hit the "save in app" option first, then tap "update Pebble boarding pass" and you're all set.

The watch app will then display two screens. The first displays your route, boarding time, seat and gate information along with the flight number. The second is the scannable QR code that'll get you on the plane. Ridiculously straight forward and one less thing to juggle at the gate with your phone staying safely in your pocket.

What'd be really great now is if more of the major airlines would jump on this type of smartwatch integration. It's a great idea that has – so far – worked flawlessly. Make it happen airlines!

Reader comments

Air Berlin's Pebble boarding cards are super convenient and easy to use


Was able to test it two hours ago. Was on an AirBerlin flight from Cologne to Munich.
I was able to enter the security check with the Pebble.
At the gate, the reader wasn't able to read the QR... Had to pull out my iPhone and open Passbook...
Will test again when I'm heading back.