Always have the right card

It's tough to say what would be worse; losing your phone or losing your wallet. Well the Ekster smart wallet ensures you'll always be able to find both no matter where they are!

It's still a wallet

The folks who designed the Ekster smart wallet have thought about your day-to-day life and come up with a solution to marry technology and function in an appealing design. First up, a wallet needs to be a wallet and with digital loyalty cards and tap-and-pay phone options, you want your wallet to be slim. They've designed their wallet's sleeves to take up minimal space, but thanks to a slick trigger, you can push a button to eject your cards in any order you choose.

Ekster Senate Smart Wallet


The Ekster senate smart wallet ensures connects with your phone to make sure you never lose either!

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RFID for the win!

On the tech side, this wallet is loaded up. Both designs (the senate and the parliament) feature RFID shielding, so no high-tech thieves can tap and steal their way into your accounts. The wallet is equipped with a tracker so you can find it's location from your phone.

And perhaps best of all if you know the wallet is somewhere in the house you just don't know where you can activate the built-in ringer to find it quickly. If you have your wallet but not your phone, this smart wallet also works in reverse! And if your wallet suddenly gets too far from your phone (pick pockets!) you'll receive a notification to track down the thief or call Batman! More practically, this also means you won't forget your wallet at home, a major fail on date night!