No more playing Marco, Polo when you lose stuff

Ever absent-mindedly place your keys in weird places, like the fridge, or put your phone down, get distracted and can't find it later? With the Trackr Bravo, you'll never search high and low when you misplace your keys, wallet, or phone. In fact, you may never lose them again, thanks to this handy, little device.

Make misplacing your things a thing of the past

The coin-sized Trackr Bravo is lightweight and thin, so it can be attached to any item, and the Trackr app allows you to quickly and easily locate said item, if it's lost or stolen. Mistakenly hide your keys under a pile of papers in the junk drawer? Can't find your phone, even though you JUST texted your friend back? No problem. With the push of a button, the Trackr will ring your missing cell (or whatever you're tracking), even if it's on silent. Forgot your phone or keys at the office in your rush out the door to freedom? The Trackr app will show your item's current location on a map, so you can relax, knowing you'll be reunited as quickly as you can get to it.

Worried you left your wallet at the grocery store? No need. The Trackr app, which can follow 10 items at once, has a distance indicator that shows how far away your item is. And the unit's crowd GPS function, which works worldwide, will give you a GPS update on its location if you're beyond Bluetooth range but another Trackr user is within a 100-foot range of your lost item.

Trackr Bravo


Never lose your keys, phone, or wallet again with the Trackr Bravo, which can ring your missing item and track it down using a crowd GPS function.

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No more separation anxiety

Two-way separation alerts on the Trackr Bravo mean that you'll be warned before leaving without your tracked item, so if you put your phone down at a friend's party or the next family dinner, your Trackr and device will both ring, so you won't accidentally leave it behind. The unit's anodized aluminum casing makes it thin and durable, so it can also be used to replace your pet's name tag if they're known for trying to escape the yard and going exploring. Bravo, Trackr, bravo.