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Amazon's Firefly brings visual search to your connected world

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2014 05:00 pm

Today Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone — an AT&T exclusive device that will run Amazon's own Fire OS. In addition to the standard fare of specs, the Fire Phone is packing all kinds of cool features, one of which is dubbed Firefly. The technology is much like Google Goggles, in that it will identify all kinds of real-world things and let you can nearly and type of label. From barcodes to DVD/CD covers to wine labels — Firefly will be able to give you more virtual info on all of the real things you come across during the day and keep you connected with the info you want, no matter where you are.

Amazon is all about Firefly so you can bet they'll be dumping plenty of resources into making sure it works amazingly well. The Fire Phone even has a dedicated Firefly button for quick & easy access. You can use it to scan items, check information on actors or movies, find artists and songs, add items to your Amazon wish list as much more. It will surely be an awesome second screen offering, allowing you to dive deeper into movies, music, and TV shows to get more info on what you're watching or listening to.

Phone numbers, web, and email addresses Firefly identifies printed text on posters, magazines, and business cards—make calls, save new contacts, send emails, and visit websites without typing long addresses.

Movies & TV Firefly recognizes over 240,000 movies and TV episodes, and 160 live TV channels. Firefly uses X-Ray, powered by IMDb, to show information on actors, plot details, and related content—add titles to your Watchlist or download to watch later.

Music Firefly recognizes songs so you can access artist information, play related songs, download albums direct to your Fire phone, or add them to your Wish List to purchase later on. With Firefly-enabled apps like iHeartRadio and StubHub, you can create radio stations based on an identified artist, or even find tickets for their next show.

Over 70 million products Recognize household items, books, DVDs, CDs, video games, and more. Access product details, add items to your Wish List, or order on Amazon straight from your Fire phone.

This is all just the start, but Firefly has a lot of potential — and with an SDK available for developers — even more functionality will come down the road in the form of third-party apps. Amazon has already partnered up with apps like iHeartRadio, MyFitnessPal and Vivino with plenty more sure to be on the way.

What do you think of Firefly? Is it a feature you'd use on your phone? Sound off in the comments!

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Amazon's Firefly brings visual search to your connected world


If Amazon really want my attention then they really need to be developing there prime features for Android! If they think I'm going to go prime when I can't watch on my Android device then there mad!