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Amazon's Fire Phone won't have Bluetooth LE at launch, but it's coming

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By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2014 07:00 pm

Amazon's Fire Phone is touting some great specs overall — a quad-core 2.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM and a 13MP camera for starters — but there's one thing that was left out, at least for now. Bluetooth LE (low-energy), a protocol that allows many of your favorite wearable devices to work without killing your battery, won't be included on the Fire Phone at launch. It will however be added in a future update, so all is not lost.

As Amazon told Mashable

"Fire has Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity now and we'll update to support Bluetooth LE."

Bluetooth LE allows wearables and other devices to work with low-energy (hence the LE). This means that when connecting devices like a Pebble or Fitbit to your phone, you strain your phone battery in the process. Most of these devices can still work without Bluetooth LE, but you won't be doing yourself any favors. Without it, you'll see battery life drop a great deal. So the bad news is it won't be there at launch, but the good news is that Amazon will be adding it in later.

So what say you Fire Phone fans — is no Bluetooth LE a deal breaker, or something you can live without until an update? Hit up the comments!

Source: Mashable

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Amazon's Fire Phone won't have Bluetooth LE at launch, but it's coming


I'm willing to be there are some Pebble users out there who just decided they aren't going to wait for Bluetooth LE on any new phone purchase.

Must be a driver issue.. I wasn't aware the Bluetooth 3.0 even supported LE.. I thought that was in Bluetooth 4.0 and onward? Unless they are just using 3.0 drivers and will update to 4.0??? Thats a very confusing situation / statement.. Will upgrade later..

Makes me go, hhhhhmmmmmmmmm?

Of topic, but has anyone read Amazon's Terms of Service?
This phone does everything the NSA wants to do to you, but can't because we're speaking out about it.
Anyone who is not a loyal Amazon customer already and cares anything about their own personal privacy should not buy this phone.

It's the tracking device the NSA wants on you, in the disguise of a consumer product

My phone should never do things I don't want it to when I press a button.

1. Take a picture with Firefly and you send Amazon your GPS location along with a recording of whatever sounds are going on around you.
2. Identify a song with Firefly and you send Amazon a picture along with your GPS location.
Every time the Firefly button is pressed all three of these things are sent to Amazon for "Processing and Collection and Retention" for however long Amazon deems necessary.

Don't give away the privacy we are fighting so hard to get back from the NSA.

I think people that are afraid of Google Glass should be very AFRAID of the FIRE PHONE from Amazon.

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