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Leave a comment and you could win an LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2014 03:52 pm

Google threw down at today's I/O conference, announcing all kinds of fun goodies like Android Auto, Android TV and of course the new Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. Running the new Android Wear platform, both devices are set to be available via the Google Play Store later today.

We didn't get to see the much-anticipated Moto 360 in action, but we still get two (presumably) awesome Android Wear devices to play around with. The specs are pretty solid on both devices, so it will just come down to how well they actually work in the real world.

The gesture-based Android Wear will provide notifications that are most important to you at the current time. You can see where you parked your car, when your package will be delivered or if your flight is on time. You can use voice commands to search, and customize to your liking with various different watch faces.

Samsung and LG are first out of the gate with their Android Wear offerings, but there are certainly many more to come over the next few months. So the only question is, which is your favorite?


If you want to get your hands on a brand new G Watch or Gear Live — here's your ticket. We're giving away one Android Wear device of your choice. All you need to do to win is leave a single comment on this post telling us which watch you want and what your favorite Android Wear feature is. We'll run this one up through July 4th, so you have a bit of extra time to think things over.

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Leave a comment and you could win an LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live!



I would love to have the LG g watch. I have to say my favorite feature of wear would be the Google now hands free integration

I want the LG G Watch and my favorite Android Wear feature is where you can view Google Now.

nexus_logic - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

This is what i call innovation Android wear is so cool at least we will see others wake up because android wear will get you connected seamlessly without compromise....... i cant wait to expirience this tech

Been wanting to get a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch for a while, but don't have a Galaxy phone to use it on. I'd like to get a Galaxy Live watch to use on my Moto X.

How will I ever choose. Samsung I think. I like the always on screen option and Google now on my wrist and not having to take out my phone to reply to text etc. Good luck me :-)

Any would be great! I'd like to wait to see your reviews of them first. I'm excited to be able to control things on my wrist with my voice.

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Either watch would do... but I'd choose the LG. I could leave my phone in my pocket and be almost "phoneless"

LG Watch please. Favorate feature? I think notifications, and how interactive those are. I have a Pebble, and it's great, but I wish I had richer, more actionable notifications from it. Android Wear seems to deliver that.

Hi I am in high school and I like the GWatch from LG because I like LG and I like the simple convenience of notifications on Android Wear.

Gear Live... best value for the price (although if I'm not paying for it what does price matter!)

I'd have to say Wear's best feature is the Google Now-esque integration. I can say "How many ounces in a cup" and it will tell me. My pebble cant do that!

Ity think out of the two the gear live is the best and is the cheaper one in the UK

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I'm game to possibly winning a smartwatch. Would be nice to get into the hands with a free watch. Thanks for the opportunity

I'd love to win a Gear Live. My favorite single feature would have to be the voice commands on the platform (although it's hard to pick a single feature). Please RNG deity, pick me.

I'd take the Gear Live. My fave feature is using voice commands directly on the watch without having to take out my phone. It's a very useful feature especially when driving.

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I would like to get the LG G Watch. My favorite feature is the OK Google voice action feature which can be used without picking up the phone.

The best feature? Definitely not to have to pull out the phone for every single notification that comes in. The G watch is my watch of choice

Put me down for the Gear Live. I've been looking at fitness tracker but not enough features at their asking price. Add the other features to the health features... Awesome!

All of the new Android Wear watches are interesting. It's all about the notifications. I'm excited about the moto360, but I guess It'd like the LG G watch if I win this contest.

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I'm really looking forward to Android Wear. If be most honored if you select me as a prize winner. Thank you.

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I'm not a watch.
For I am time in its essence.
It's 16 past ten in the evening.
Shall I remind you?
Have some music on.
Doing some running.
Taking a wine selfie with me and the telly on...

Give me the watch dammit!

Ooh free stuff! I'd like the Samsung Gear Live. The instant notification without having to check my phone all the time is my favorite feature.

I'd love to win! I have a Pebble now, but the voice recognition in Wear is definitely my favorite feature.

I really would be happy to win either watch. I think the Gear Live looks nicer in pictures so if I had to pick one without putting my hands on it I would pick the Gear Live. My favorite feature is "OK Google"
Good Luck everyone

Neat! I think the Gear Live looks a bit better. Being able to glance at your watch and do simple tasks without having to get your phone out is pretty cool if you ask me!

I would love the G Watch, that build quality looks great. And I love the voice commands of Android Wear #LookMaNoHands

I'm liking the Samsung Gear because of the heart rate functionality but also like the LG-G with a bigger battery driving a slightly smaller screen (guessing that means better battery life). Lots of awesome features in Android Wear! The ability to receive and act on notifications surreptitiously without pulling a phone out of the pocket is very cool!

Being honest, I'm waiting for Moto 360, cause it's so elegant and has no bezeles. But I wouldn't mind to get one of those Samsung Gear Live ones for free:) I think, so far the best feature would be replying to text messages using your voice without getting your phone out of the pocket. I know, some would say that word recognition is far from being perfect, but hey!... I mainly use official English language so in this case word recognition works just fine, as long as you don't use crazy slang :) good luck, guys!

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I think I would go for the LG watch, as for which feature I like, easy control of the phone, voice control, google now on my wrist...

I would choose Samsung Gear Live though both are nice. Mostly because of the heart rate monitor.
On Google Wear my favorite feature is voice control (Google Now/OK Google) and we'll see what the future holds for us. This is just the beginning.

I like the Gear Live. My favorite thing is that it works with the apps on your phone instead of requiring a separate app on the watch.

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I'm really excited to see the future of this tech. Will we see a strong competitor from Apple? How much more advanced will these become, before the tech becomes irrelevant? Who will be the first to create the coveted 'all-in-one' watch and activity band that will capture both markets? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered soon!

I would choose the Samsung Gear Live. And my favorite feature is the fact that I can control my notifications from the watch, from an email to the music player.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SAMSUNG GEAR LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gear Live. I'm looking forward to using the voice commands, step counter, and notifications.

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The Samsung for me. I like the steel look, and I dig the idea having my Google Now cards on my wrist!

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Samsung Gear Live! Best feature is mirroring notifications so I don't have to pull out my phone all the time. Less screen on time = more battery run time.

My Sony sw2 is showing it's age. :) maybe time for a change...

I like the LG g watch, having Google now on my wrist is something I've wanted since i got the Sony sw2.

I prefer the Gear Live due to the inclusion of the heart rate monitor. The feature that I most like about Android Wear is the ability to bypass the lock screen of your devices if it is connected to your watch.

Great contest...

Would love to win the LG...and my favourite Android Wear feature is definitely Google Now's voice capabilities

I think that I would go for the Samsung gear live and my favorite feature so far has to be the "OK Google" voice interactions.

First post here! Hoping to start off this site right! Really intrigued about Android Wear. Would love to have it! (#Happy4th!)

I'll take the Samsung Gear - looking forward to Android Wear because of the ability to manage my digital life from my wrist!

I'd love to get my hands on the Samsung Gear Live. It looks a bit more sleek than the G Watch. It would also be great to have navigation directions sent to my wrist rather than have to hold the phone. I cannot wait to see what kind of apps developers come up with compared to what the Pebble has.

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The Samsung Gear Live. I really like the fact that it has a heart rate monitor, and I'm looking forward to the inevitable integration of it with Google Fit. Also, I find it more aesthetically pleasing than the LG G Watch. As for purely Android Wear features, I really like the voice recognition. From everything I've seen so far it is the most fluid implantation of it yet, and it far exceeds my expectations on both devices.

I would love the LG G Watch! Working in a school, I love that I can set up quick reminders by voice and also have the "do not disturb" feature for when appropriate. Thanks Connectedly!

I would like to have the g watch as it would be great to check a notification with a glance instead of pull out my phone.

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Samsung Gear Live is the one I would like and the feature I like the most is the Google Now integration.

Mobile Nations always have the best give-aways! Pick me and keep up the good work.

The LG is my choice and I want google now on my wrist.

I would love to have the LG G Watch I think that Samsung is over rated, and LG is starting to build up to of the class gadgets. I love the feature of the reminders specially because I'm a traveler and some times I have mess my flight, with this watch I will have the notification right in front of me and will let me know the approx time to get to the airport (which is always important to consider with traffic). Sadly the android wear is not compatible with BB as I plan to buy a BB passport so I will keep the BB for work and android for personal use to use the android wear if I win it.

I'm liking the black G Watch because the slightly larger battery. As for android wear features, I guess I like the notifications, and always, I love water proof* stuff. The notifications are nice since you don't have to take the phone out of your pocket. No matter what features android wear has, with it running a version of actual android, I'm going to root it and get Tasker going on it and then there's no restrictions what you can do with it.

I'd love to get a Samsung Gear Live in order to test out the voice-alarm settings and the HR monitor. Cant wait to see this watch in action!

Samsung Gear Live, and media controls on my wrist. This would make an amazing upgrade from my Pebble.

I would happily take either but would prefer the G Watch. Favorite feature is definitely Google Now from the watch. Love voice control.

Well the watch I want is the Moto 360, however from the two mentioned in this article the LG G Watch. As far as feature, that would be the ability to change watchfaces.

I would be more than happy to receive any of the two watches... My favorite feature would be the security tweek on my nexus 5 where in the phone automatically authenticates you whenever the watch is near it...

I'd like a Samsung Gear Live. One of the features I like most about the smartwatch 'space' is getting notifications on my wrist. I hate constantly taking out my phone to see why it buzzed. Most of the time, unless it is a Text, it can wait a little while. Having it right there on my wrist to just glance at would be awesome! I'm also loving the UI in general for Android Wear.

Definitely the Gear Live for me. Prefer the design, plus the AMOLED screen and heart rate monitor.

Looking forward to reading notifications without taking my phone out of my pocket!

When you've got no water resistant tech
and you're swimming at the lake,
The dreaded phone in pocket
What a huge mistake!

All my friends would rejoice
that I'd never be out of reach
for them to join me on the boat
or go swimming at the beach

I'd love to have the Gear Live
safely on my wrist
to text and take their calls
that would usually be missed

For summer fun all day long
without worries under water
A Samsung Gear Live for me
Nothing could be hotter!

Would love to wear the Samsung Gear Live! I've always appreciated the quality of Samsung products and am sure this will be no exception. I also like the look of the Samsung as compared to the LG, but really I would be thrilled to wear either one!!!

I want the Samsung Gear Live because of the classier look and better screen. My favorite feature would have to be the OK Google (google voice commands) right at my fingertip (well 6 inches from my finger tips).

I'd absolutely love the LG G Watch, and my favourite feature of Android Wear is the contextual information it provides to the user.

I think the Gear Live would suit me. The ability to create reminders and to-do items right when I'm thinking about them is the most interesting feature I've seen so far.

Oh please let me win!
I'd love the Samsung Gear Live!!!!! Heartbeat sensor combined with pedometer means i can give my Fitbit the flick!

Gonna have to go with the Galaxy Gear Live for this one, will love the ability to sync apps and control them from the watch

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So far I am impressed with the gear live, so that would be my choice. I know it is not an inherently android wear feature, but I think the heart rate monitor is pretty sweet.

I like the LG G Watch, and my favorite feature of Android Wear is being able to use Google Now anytime with taking my phone out of my pocket.

I would love the chance to win the Samsung Gear Live and my favourite feature is Google Now integration so I don't have to take out my phone to action the notifications.

I would like to be entered to win one of the LG smart watches to test

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LG G Watch please - hopefully this should help me become the ultimate multi-tasker with voice commands! Thanks for the opportunity.

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My choice would be the Samsung Gear Live, and my favourite Android Wear feature is music playback controls (I'm used to be switching songs all the time while I'm walking and doing that with my watch would be really cool). And, of course, notifications.

I would like the Samsung Gear Live. The ability to view notifications without having to reach for my phone is what does it for me. Also will help save battery life on my phone from less screen on time.

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I'd take the Samsung Galaxy Live, I'd love to see how the Google now cards work on it.

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I BEEn a big fan of my MOTO-G PHONE AND THE KITKAT 4.4.2 ANDROID. When can I get 4.4.3 UPGRADE, BOOST Mobile? I look daily & its not there . ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING??

The Samsung gear live. It is the sexier of the two. Favorite feature... Weather. Presently it is actually a chore to get a phone out just for the weather.

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This is awesome! The Samsung would be awesome. I would have to say that the turn by turn directions is my favorite features hands down. (Followed by the notification syncing!)

The only things that I might miss from the pebble is long battery life and physical music controls. I can't believe how often I use the buttons for FF 15 seconds and RW 10 seconds in podcasting!

I'd say the Samsung Gear Live - I like the heart rate monitor built in! :-) Overall Android Wear is showing itself to be a pretty bad ass addition to my smartphone. I love that I can text from it, ask it questions, dial phone numbers, etc. It can only get better from here! I'm so excited to be living right now, witnessing the advancements in technology - I am still a big supported of human interaction - but I love my tech toys! ;-)

As much as it pains me to choose, I'd go with the Gear Live for the built in heart rate monitor so I can use it as a better fitness tracker. My favorite feature of all the watches, however, is the seamless app installation since Wear compatible apps are automatically installed.

On the one hand, Samsung has some more experience making smartwatches than LG does. I would guess that the build quality is slightly better on the Samsung, based on that alone. However, I also don't trust Samsung much, and to me it seems like they're just looking for their opportunity to bolt. So I'd probably choose the LG watch, given that I can't choose the Moto.

I think my 2 favorite features are the trusted device functionality, and the voice commands straight into the watch.

I would like the Samsung Gear Live. My favorite feature is using the device to disable unlock security on your phone.

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Would love to win the Gear Live. I really find Google Now so useful on a daily basis, and having that info on my wrist would be awesome.

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Thinking G Watch. Favorite feature at the moment is music control, but all of them seem to be very useful

Would love to test drive a Samsung Gear Live. Have a Pebble but this looks fantastic. Love the integrated heart rate monitor.

I'd have to go with the G Watch. The Samsung Live just seems too bulky. I'm really excited about the prospect of having Google maps navigation on my wrist. I didn't buy into the last generation of smartwatches (Pebble being the only decent one) because I was assuming Google would jump in at some point, and now that time is here! So excited!

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I think I prefer the LG G Watch of the two. My favorite feature has to be the Google Now integration, both cards and voice input. Those are the main things that are hard or impossible to do on my Pebble.

The Samsung Gear Live is my pick. I had a Sony Smartwatch (which my dog ate :( ) and it was nice to receive messages. Having a Samsung Gear Live would be even better seeing that you can accept calls.

I prefer the Samsung Gear Live. I like the style of the Gear Watches more than the LG, and the added Heart rate monitor is a bonus to use with my Fitbit Force.

I would love a Gear Live, my favorite feature of Android Wear is the fact I can check on things without pulling my phone out. As someone who is required to alwas be connected, its a wonderful feature.

Gear live thanks! :D Favourite Android Wear feature is music controls ;)

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I'd like to give the Samsung a try. I like the better compatibility with android phones compared to previous devices.

The Samsung Gear Live - being possibly more comfortable to wear on small skinny wrists with its curved back, as opposed to the LG G with its square, flat back.

The LG G-watch looks interesting. At any rate, it will keep my wrist warm until the Moto 360 comes out :-P

I'm really feeling the Samsung Live. I'm interested in seeing the context stream in action. I'm someone who when I input data into my contacts, I use complete info i.e Full name and Photo. The context stream would really make my notifications shine.

I prefer the g watch. Something about no buttons and I love the replaceable watch band. The gear is also pretty cool with the heart rate monitor.

I would love to win the LG G Watch for all of its features but the one that I thought was really cool (because it was an idea I had before they announced it) was that using Bluetooth proximity you can automatically unlock the phone when its near/connected to the watch. When it leaves the watch range it automatically locks. No more password entry. I like it!

I'd love the LG! I have a pebble now and it's great, but I'm looking forward to a bigger, color, touch screen/face. Keep up the good work!

I'd prefer the Moto 360, but between these two I'd go with the G Watch. Changeable bands is nice. Seeing notifications without taking my phone out is a big plus.

I would love to have the lg g watch because i love the fact that i can view my notification on my wrist. I also love the user interface of android wear, it's awesome.

Well done guys! Thank so much for the contest :-)
I like so much Lg G Watch and hope to win.

A new feature? Turn by turn navigation and 5ATM waterproof :-)

Here's a comment! I would love a LG G Watch and my favorite Android Wear feature is easy access notifications in a stylish package (I know not really a feature, but hey)

Hi, I would like the LG G Watch. I think best features are google now and voice commands, features my Pebble lacks.

I would love the Samsung Gear Live! My favorite feature of Android Wear is the Google Now integration.

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Moto 360 all the way. LG would be my second choice. Favorite feature would be the ability to respond via the watch.

I'd love to get an LG G Watch, mostly to track my fitness/weight loss. It stays with me and it doesn't have the weight of a phone in my pocket

I would prefer the LG G Watch over the Samsung Gear Live just for the fact that Samsung's looks almost the same like its sibling counterparts, except with Android Wear. Speaking to a watch isn't something I would do normally but that is probably the most interesting thing I find about Android Wear (that and the sleek Google Now interface). Future of innovation, here I come!