Announcing the winner in our 'smartwatch of your choice' contest!

By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2014 11:14 am

With over 4300 comments our first big contest was a huge success. We asked you what smartwatch you'd want if you could have any smartwatch and even gave you more than one chance to win. I'm sure that most of you entered weeks ago and have been waiting for this day — so here it is! The winner of a brand new smartwatch courtesy of Smartwatch Fans is:


​Congrats! Teejai80 said he wants a new Qualcomm Toq so that's just what he'll get. We'll be reaching out soon to get it all squared away.

Thanks to everyone that entered — we obviously couldn't do it without your support. Don't fret though because we have many more contests on the horizon so there will be plenty of chances to try again. 

Reader comments

Announcing the winner in our 'smartwatch of your choice' contest!


Congrats and the typo is funny too. "we obviously could do it without your support" I'm sure that Adam meant to say "could NOT do it without your support"

Congrats man!
Just confused about something. In the contest page, the condition for joining is stated in bold "telling us which smartwatch you want and why" but Teejai80 simply said: "Would love to try the Toq." Guess we''ll never know the why. ^^;


Was there any updates on the corresponding forum contest yet? One last chance to boost my birthday, lol

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