Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 Approved!

Ever wanted to make top secret phone calls like a super spy? Now you can, just by touching your fingertip to your ear.

Get Smart, no shoe phone needed

Sgnl is a Bluetooth-enabled smart strap that allows you to make phone calls, or answer them, with just your fingertip. By touching your finger to your ear, you get immediate reception.

With this Kickstarter, you don't have to worry about others listening in to your top secret phone calls because Sgnl gives you complete listening privacy. And because the sound from your call is transferred to your ear by travelling up your fingertip, you can hear the softest voice with the greatest clarity in the loudest bar, every time.

The Sgnl app helps you track the things you want to track and helps make sure you never miss an alert again. It also has a call reminder that logs the calls you take, the ones you miss, and how long your top secret, super agent phone calls last.



Sgnl is a Bluetooth-enabled smart band that gives you the power to make phone calls, or answer them with immediate reception and total privacy, with just your fingertip.

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Make your smart watch even smarter

Upgrade your watch strap by turning your classic watch into a technological hybrid with Sgnl, or make your smart watch even smarter by incorporating the strap of your Sgnl. Or, if you aren't too fond of watches, you can wear it on its own.