Today Apple announced its huge iPad upgrade in the new iPad Pro. This large 12.9-inch tablet features a 4:3 resolution of 2732 x 2048. The 264-PPI Oxide TFT display also features a variable refresh rate and will allow for a full-size software keyboard. It's powered by the all-new A9X processor, said to be 80% faster than most portable PCs sold in the past year. It's Apples 3rd generation 64-bit chip and features 2x the memory bandwidth of the A8x as well as 2x faster storage performance. There was no indication from Apple about the amount of RAM the iPad Pro will feature, but rumours suggest it may be 2GB like the iPad Air.

Battery Life is said to provide about 10 hours of usage, and the iPad Pro comes in at only 1.57lbs in weight and a thickness of 6.9mm. It also features a new four-speaker audio system.

The Apple iPad Pro has also taken a page from Microsoft and will now offer a keyboard add-on similar to the Microsoft Surface. The new keyboard is called the Smart Keyboard, and it features the same dome switch that comes on the MacBook. It is covered in Apple woven fabric and will connect to the iPad Pro using a new three magnetic sensor that transfers both data and power. The Smart Keyboard will cost $169.99

Apple also made a big announcement and in turn went against something Steven Jobs previously said no one wanted, and that's a stylus. It's called the Pencil, and it detects position, force and tilt. This creative tool can also be used to annotate and create documents in Microsoft Office, sketch notes on emails, or design in Adobe Photoshop FX. The Apple Pencil will cost $99 and will be available in November.

As far as the cost of the new iPad Pro, it will start at $799 for a 32GB version, $949 for the 128GB version and finally a LTE capable model that will cost $1079. The iPad Pro will be available for sale in November.

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