Apple hires TAG Heuer marketing exec ahead of rumored 'Swiss-made' iWatch launch

Apple hires TAG Heuer marketing exec ahead of rumored 'Swiss-made' iWatch launch
By Joseph Keller on 4 Jul 2014 07:40 pm

Apple has hired the sales director for Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer. The man was apparently hired to help launch Apple's long-rumored iWatch, thought by many to be coming this fall. The unnamed executive left TAG Heuer last week Jean-Claude Biver, head of watch brands for TAG Heuer's parent company LVMH, believes that this has to do with how Apple will market the watch, according to CNBC:

Apple's plans to hire Swiss watch experts are an attempt to market its product as "Swiss made", which senior luxury goods analyst at Bernstein, Mario Ortelli, said is a label that is synonymous with quality when it comes to watches.

Apple, along with other tech companies, is said to have been trying to hire Swiss watchmakers and watch executives for wearable projects. How would you feel about a "Swiss-made" iWatch? Leave your thoughts with us below in the comments.

Source: CNBC

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Apple hires TAG Heuer marketing exec ahead of rumored 'Swiss-made' iWatch launch


Hiring a marketing exec from a watch company just means they want someone use to selling watches. You can't read anything more into it than that.

Although they are trying to build up street cred for it so they are trying to be associated with better designers.

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Hmmm... the swiss movements are what are famous, but those have nothing to do with the internals of a smart watch. But hey, Apple rides on being a premium brand, and Swiss watches certainly are that, so I don't blame them for wanting to create that association. It's the equivalent of getting a pro athlete to sell your protein supplement.

I wouldn't be surprised if iWatch buyers weren't smart enough to know that what makes a Swiss watch a Swiss watch is mechanicals, which has nothing to do with the iWatch. Just like believing calling something "retina" makes it the best resolution.

He's a marketing guy, not a watchmaker. His hiring does not affect my decision to buy or not to buy an iWatch at all.