Apple's HomeKit will automate your connected home from your iPhone or iPad

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2014 02:44 pm

Just as expected, Apple has introduced HomeKit during today's WWDC event. HomeKit will integrate with any number of iPhone/iPad apps in order to help automate your home. Using your iPhone or iPad, you'll be able to control devices from the likes of Withings, netatmo, Schalge, Chamberlain and many more.

Using your device, you'll be able control your cameras, lights, door locks, switches and thermostats — all in one place. HomeKit features secure pairing to your device, and will allow you to control either individual devices, or groups sets of devices into scenes. Siri will also be a big part of HomeKit, allowing users to say things like, "Get ready for bed," then locking doors, dimming lights and turning down the thermostat.

More to come on HomeKit soon, but stay tuned to iMore for all the latest from WWDC.

Reader comments

Apple's HomeKit will automate your connected home from your iPhone or iPad


Siri integration and HomeKit would be game changer.s Not only could one use it to impress family and friends but it would save having to go into a multitude of different apps to control different smart appliances in the home. Before HomeKit one would have to use the WeMo app, the Chamberlain app, the Schlage app, the Nest app, the quirky air conditioner app, the Phillips Hue app, and so on. SmartThings has a very interesting set up but lacks Siri integration. Cannot wait to see Apple implement iOS 8 and HomeKit, and to get the vendors on board with HomeKit integration!

Apple could hit this out of the park if it finds a way to integrate itself into existing mesh schemes like Sonos and Z-wave. Or Apple could hit a high foul if they try to take it over with proprietary everything. Only time and hopefully Connectedly will tell...