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Apple introduces HealthKit fitness tracking app

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2014 02:26 pm

Today during WWDC Apple has introduced HealthKit - an all-in-one hub on your iPhone and iPad for tracking your health and fitness. HealthKit will integrate all of your health tracking on your iOS devices, even adding in data from third-party applications. The app will monitor your daily fitness for things like weight, steps and calories, and should eventually support Apple's smartwatch offering later this year. We've heard some rumblings of what an Apple watch might feature when it comes to health and fitness, and with HealthKit the foundation is certainly strong.

HealthKit will be available with iOS and will certainly have many more features than just what we saw in the WWDC keynote. There hasn't been any health tracking option built-in with iOS previously, so we're curious to see where things go from here — especially with integrations for apps like Fitbit, Nike+ and others.

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Apple introduces HealthKit fitness tracking app

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