Apple's wearable device could be coming in multiple versions, at least one costing $400

By Chris Parsons on 30 Aug 2014 05:30 pm

Apple's long-rumored wearable — the iWatch — is expected to be announced during the September 9th event alongside the long-rumored iPhone 6 but pricing has thus far remained a mystery as expected.

Some new info coming from Re/Code, though, suggests Apple is looking to make a range of wearable devices that make use of HealthKit and HomeKit, with $400 being one of the price points being bounced around.

Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for the company's new wearable device. Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year. Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.

No doubt Apple has considered many different price points for whatever it is they're planning to release. We'll just have to sit tight and see what range they ended up choosing when Tim Cook and company hit the stage.

While we're waiting, what would a wearable have to consist of in order for you to spend $400 on it? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Re/Code

Reader comments

Apple's wearable device could be coming in multiple versions, at least one costing $400


$400? With UK tax thats going to be £300.

For that money I'd want frickin' laser beams.

Seriously. If it did all the kreyos promised to do, and looked nice, I'd probably still not go for it.

For me apple have a history of releasing some great, exciting products. But also of some disappointments (probably due to previous highs leading to unrealistic expectations)

Maybe they will pull it out of the bag again and I will go back to iPhone but those frickin' laser beams better come in a variety of colours.

yours faithfully,

Plus. Samsung only released a smartwatch based on the rumour apple were working on one.

Or something like that.

yours faithfully,

Will be interesting to see what they unveil. Think that price point is high as wearables aren't as in as say phones or tablets, but maybe that will change. Still think that's too much

Yep I agree. What on earth could this watch have that would make it worth $400?

Even with Apple tax that is just silly.

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