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Archos has a new weather station, music light, and music hat

Archos launches a connected weather station, light bulbs and beanies that will play your tunes

In addition to today's announcement of new Android phones and tablets and new Windows Phones from Archos, the company is expanding their connected home line with a new home weather station. The spherical pair of devices, due to be announced at IFA 2014 is designed to work with both Android and...
Archos Smart Home

Archos Smart Home gets you connected, but you can probably do better

Archos recently released their latest offering in the connected home space, dubbed Smart Home. We first checked out the system back at CES in January, and Archos has recently made the starter kit available in the U.K. The Archos Smart Home system offers smaller, less expensive components than...
Smart Home

Archos introduces Smart Home with weather tags, motion sensors and cameras galore!

Archos today has announced the availability of their Smart Home system — a selection of devices for monitoring and controlling your connected home. We had a chance to check out the Smart Home system back at CES in January and it looks like an awesome connected home system. The Smart Home...