Archos Smart Home Tablet Gateway gets a price cut and adds support for IFTTT

Archos Smart Home tablet
By John Callaham on 29 Dec 2014 11:00 am

Archos announced its entry into the connected home hardware race several months ago, and now the company has announced a price cut for its Archos Smart Home Tablet Gateway along with adding support for the IFTTT service.

The cost of the Archos Smart Home Tablet Gateway is now just £99.99, compared to its original price of £199.99. The company says the IFTTT support will allow the tablet to connect to even more devices and services. It will also connect to FOSCAM IP cameras. Archos says:

Users will be able to add their IP camera's features (HD video, infrared night-vision, movement detection , 360 degrees movement, etc.) into Smart Home programs created within the easy-to-use SmartHome application; the opening a door can activate a video recording, which is then streamed to a user's smartphone.

Archos also said that the tablet's 433MHz technology is compatible with devices made by a number of companies such as Somfy, DI.O Chacon, Blyss, Otio, and Conrad. It added:

Thanks to the new "Learn & Control" feature, users can connect and control all their connected home accessories from their tablet or smartphone: shutters, garage doors, plugs, lamps, etc. accessible from their smart device anywhere in the world or included in Smart Home programs; linking accessories together for easier home automation.

Source: Archos

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Archos Smart Home Tablet Gateway gets a price cut and adds support for IFTTT