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Are you still waiting on your Pebble Steel?

By Adam Zeis on 28 Feb 2014 01:50 pm

*Update* Sure enough, right as I post this I got my notification, so my Black Matte Pebble Steel is on the way. (should have posted this sooner!)

We've been getting lots of emails from frustrated users that are still waiting on their Pebble Steel. It seems that those who ordered the Brushed Stainless model are in good shape, but everyone who is waiting on a Black Matte version is doing just that — waiting. Pebble has said they are having some delays, but there has been no official statement thus far as to just what the holdup is, leaving many customers out wondering just what the deal is.

I'm in the same boat as lots of you — I ordered my Black Matte Steel the within the first hour of them being available. Previously my order status was showing "Mid to late February", but checking today is now shows 6-8 weeks from the date of the order. So instead of my Steel shipping within the next few days, my end limit is now 8 weeks from when I ordered. 

I'm curious to know just how many of you are still waiting on your Pebble Steel as well, and if so, what is your estimated ship date? Hit up the comments and let us know your details (when you ordered & what model).

We've reached out to Pebble to see what we can dig up. 


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Are you still waiting on your Pebble Steel?


I see others also having had a 2 month wait for their "Steel",so I have company..the wait is out of Pebble's hands atm since finding a "Shipped" notification on April 5th,and my tracking info shows the package "Resting" at a Facility (PO/Customs?) in London since the 11th..I tried tweeting Royal Mail today but it seems they've gone on the long Easter weekend break with no deliveries expected til Monday at least..hopefully next week?...

I ordered my pebble steel 2-20-2014. I sent emails twice asking when it would ship and did not receive any response. The last one was 4-2-2014 and the watch arrived today 4-4-2014 which was quicker than expected after reading these forums. Bugging them with emails seems to help.

I ordered my Black Matte Pebble Steel on January 18th. I too got different (promised) shipping dates:

- mid - late Februari
- 6 to 8 weeks

and today (week 9 after order) the page says 'Your order will be shipped soon'. No time-frime given. Guess everything can happen now :-(


This is for people who have managed to successfully cancelled their pebble steel order. Please tell me how you did it. I would like to cancel mine as I can't wait any longer. Thanks

I ordered on 10th Jan. Not heard anything from pebble since they changed from mid-late feb to 6-8 weeks. Week 8 of waiting has ended and don't expect to hear anything in the next week. Will be cancelling soon if they don't reply to my email.

I placed my order Jan 18th. I thought I was the only one waiting as during that time between january and mid to late february the card that I used to order the damn thing expired. It seems that as soon as I updated the card, the status changed to 6-8 weeks. I thought it was because they couldn't charge my card and I never got notified of it.

Anyway, I ordered the brushed stainless and still waiting. My birthday is next week and I hope it gets here before I go out of town.

Today is also my 7th week waiting on the black matte steel to ship, which I ordered Jan 17th.
Wonder why it's so long to make the matte model compared to the stainless one...

I ordered the day after the announcement on January 7th. Finally got a shipping notification on March 4th, for the Black Matte. 5 Hours later I also got a Shipment Cancelled by sender notification. What the heck is going on with the company?

I got my FedEx tracking number 2 days ago, to be delivered Friday, one hour ago I got a Shipment Cancelled email from FedEx... Hmmm... but Pebble did charge my credit card! Glad they are happy!!

This doesn't seem new to Pebble. Love the product, please don't misunderstand, however prompt availability and shipment could be their undoing. Many allegations of pledges/orders not shipping after coming out of kickstarter, and even more again after shipments being made to Best Buy. Could very well just be allegations as I have no absolute knowledge, but even still not a great reputation for a new company to build off of...

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Ordered my brushed steel on the 29th of January and still waiting. I don't mind the extra delay, but I hope the wait doesn't get pushed back even further.

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Still waiting, i changed my order to the brushed steel and still no word. This might as well been Kickstart part 2

First, Feb 15th... next, mid to end of Feb... now, 6-8 weeks from order... what's the next delay???

I ordered mine the Sunday after CES... that is Over 7 weeks ago... still no word. Sure it still leaves a few more days to hear back from them, then shipping time... so I SHOULD see it this time next week... still waiting!!!

Ordered the black one on the 16th. Just checked. Got the 6 to 8 week notification... Sure hope it ships soon... At least they didn't charge credit card yet... Hate when they take your money before they ship...

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Ordered my Black Matte finish Pebble Steel on January 10th still waiting............

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I ordered my matte black pebble steel on January 6 as they were doing the live presentation and received my FedEx tracking number I should have it by Wednesday

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I had one ordered Jan 7th and had to cancel. I ordered again on Feb 16th and conformation link still showed mid to late Feb. I thought that a bit odd unless no one was ordering, then Thursday I checked again and it showed 6 to 8 weeks from order, so I will have to wait till beginning of April for mine. At that time, other smart watches will be available or near that date. I'm 2nd thinking this order now for sure. I love the Pebble product, but to wait until the end of Feb and switch shipping dates is not what I like to see from a company without some kind of reason given.

Ordered my stainless version January 30th and same eta. 6 to 8 weeks. I was hoping the rumors on fast delivery with the stainless was true.. But I guess not...

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Ordered my black matte on Jan 7th... Used to be mid to late February. Now it's 6-8 weeks. No idea when it's actually arriving :-(

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I ordered mine on February 3rd or 7th, don't remember but I'm still waiting.

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I got frustrated and decided to cancel...I rather wait for the Google Smartwatch

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Ordered mine on February 6th evening because I waited to see if I could win a Pebble from Smartwatch Fans first. When I found out I didn't, I ordered my own. Should have just done it sooner... orz

Ordered Black Matte Steel during Jan. 6 presentation and received Fed Ex shipping email this afternoon, delivery Wed., Mar. 5

Ordered mine mid february ,told to expect it end of february now told 6to8 weeks.

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Ah...... Pebble is the worst..... By the time we get our steel black pebble, pebble 3 will be out.. UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

I ordered the brushed stainless model on January 28. My fault for hesitating. Hopefully will get it before April.

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I ordered the matte black on Feb 10th, and while I would like it sooner than later, I know I have a lot of folks ahead of me. Oh well, this gives me time to mull over the not-so-far-out announcement of a Motorola wearable.

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I'm still waiting on mine. I didn't order one, but still hoping someone decides to send me one. :D

I ordered within the first hour, got my shipment notification on Tuesday, the package arrived yesterday (Thursday) at my local delivery facility, with full customs clearance. Only DHL is obviously too lazy to deliver, nothing happend today and they do not work on the weekend. So next week then.
Altogether two days from Hong Kong to Belgium, can't complain. The rest is up to DHL.

Ordered on Jan 6th and received my shipping notification about an hour ago. I actually changed my order from the Brushed Stainless to the Black Matte, which Pebble confirmed on Jan 14. Should be here Wednesday. (Richmond, VA)

Just checked the Pebble forums and my credit card account. Looks like my order (and many others) got charged last night. No shipment confirmation yet, but keeping my fingers crossed.

Exactly the same story in my case - ordered 6 January and got confirmation the same day. Pebble changed delivery from mid - late February to estimated delivery 6-8 weeks from order date, today. Today it has gone seven weeks and 5 days - that means that I should receive my Pebble Steel Matte Black on Monday 3 March, which is highly unlikely, since I have not recieved any confirmation or e-mails from Pebble despite several requests. That's certainly not that they expedite orders in the number of follow entered. I have order number 174 and ordered 20 minutes after they opened up the orders. It's possible it's because I live in Denmark, but then it should be apparent from the information from Pebble - but it should not make a difference where I live. I hope something happens soon ..... I am not very impressed with the information load from Pebble, nor the way they seem to ignore their customers e-mails etc. - disappointing

I, too, ordered a Black Matte version on January 7th. I'm in my 7th week now. When I logged in, it says 6-8 weeks from the date of order so hopefully, I'll get my notification of shipment soon.

I ordered on the 6th, got my order confirmation on the 7th and I just got my shipment notification 10 minutes ago. I imagine you should be in good shape.

Yeah, when I checked, I ordered mine on the 6th and got the confirmation on the 7th as well. I went back to check. Hopefully here soon :D

Just got my notification five minutes ago. Due here on Monday!

Way to push that "late February" window as far as you could, Pebble. :/

I ordered my Pebble Steel (stainless) Jan. 31st. Cancelled my order yesterday because customer support said it would mail in the next 2 - 4 weeks.. Bought a Toq and should be delivered today!!!!

Sent back the Toq... Nothing special about it and way too big for my wrist...

Ordered Blacke Matte the day of the announcement, Jan. 6th (received order confirmation the 7th). As of 2:43PM EST still showing 6-8 weeks.

So I don't know if they saw me hit the site and that triggered something, but damned if I didn't get a FedEx shipment notification 25 minutes later.

I ordered a Black Matte on Jan 13th. My order page says 6-8 weeks.

Same thing here. I've been asking myself what to do. But there are no real alternatives if one of your main concerns are the looks of the watch...

I placed an order late in the game, Feb 14th expecting to to ship end of February. I later discovered all the despair on the Pebble forums, but it didn't bother me too much. When they changed it to say 6-8 weeks, I was disappointed, but still not ready to jump ship.

That being said, I have been given a lot of time to think about/doubt what was a rather impulse buy. As of yesterday, I came to the conclusion I'd rather have a color touchscreen device. I sent an email to cancel my preorder, but it sounds like many people who have done the same are not getting any response.

I ordered a Qualcomm Toq that will arrive today thanks to Amazon Prime. Worst case scenario I get the Pebble too and just sell it.

I'm in a similar boat. Ordered mine Feb 14th also. I've been doubting it too, but that's just my impatience. I still haven't found a better alternative so I'll continue the wait I guess

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I was in a similar situation, ordering late then thinking about cancellation when they started the silence game about shipment dates and the android app's release date. I dropped them an email asking how can one cancel an order (in case something interesting was announced at MWC), but instead of providing information, they cancelled it altogether, so I had to order again on the 12th of Feb. For a bonus I will also have to deal with the customs office (UK), so I guess I am the very last one to receive a pre-ordered Steel.

Today is my 7th week waiting on the black steel.
So hopefully next week. Ordered on jan 10th.

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Got shipping notification from FedEx about an hour ago. Pebble Steel should be here Wednesday. I'm excited, starting a new job on Monday, and new watch on Wednesday.

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