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With the arrival of Android Wear, does Pebble still matter?

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By Adam Zeis on 4 Jul 2014 10:20 am

New Android Wear watches have been the talk of the town since they were first announced, and with the G Watch and Gear Live arriving at doorsteps in just a few days, many smartwatch lovers will get their first taste of Android on a watch. But that doesn't mean that other devices — like the Pebble — shouldn't still have a place on your wrist.

As Phil at Android Central explains, Pebble is still going strong and there is no reason to overlook it just yet. Android Wear watches are brand new (mine aren't even here yet!) and there is still plenty of work to be done. Pebble however has been cranking along with great momentum for a while now. There has been many software updates, feature additions and even a new appstore. Not to mention the great battery life, cross-platform use and ease of use.

Just because something is bigger, brighter and more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's better. You can walk into stores like Best Buy and Target and pick up a Pebble right now. You can actually find them pretty much anywhere in the world. Android Wear devices however are only available in certain regions for the time being.

Head over to Android Central and give a read, then hit up the comments and let us know what you think. Does Pebble still have a place in the smartwatch world? Or will new Android Wear devices soon take over?

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With the arrival of Android Wear, does Pebble still matter?


As an iphone user with no plans to swap, android wear unfortunately is useless for me. It's a shame because the moto 360 looks great but for now, there's still a huge section of users that don't have compatible devices with android wear.

I love my pebble but I was disappointed with the steel. They did nothing to update internals.

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I believe that Pebble absolutely matters after Android Wear. It may not be the latest and greatest anymore, and it may not be as flashy, however, you can still do most the same things with it that you can with Gear watch.

Sure, it does not have a color screen or a touch screen and you cannot talk to it, but you can see it in the sunlight (which is pretty imperative and you can still interact with it, and you can still talk to it - although all for naught so +1 for the Wear. The Gear is basically Google Now on your wrist. I'd be a good developer could make an app to push the GNow info from your watch to the Pebble just the same. Plus, the Pebble (Steel at least) does look more like a traditional watch and not quite as geeky - honestly though, if I had a Gear on my wrist I really wouldn't mind anyway. In addition, the Pebble has over x3 the battery life going for it. I'd like to see what developers could do if they really pushed the Pebble to use it's battery in a day, I'm sure they could make something fantastic.

Pebble isn't the new kid on the block anymore, so it does lose some of it's shine, but I think it's still worth rocking in the age of Android Wear.

I agree Pebble has a leg to stand on still. If only for battery alone and the ecosystem it currently has.

Pebble Notifier will give you anything an app sends to the Notification dropdown, to the pebble. GNow is really annoying if you have traffic updates turned on. I was traveling home yesterday, and it notified my Pebble 10 times before I turned it off. Each time was when the traffic conditions changed (It was telling me X time to travel home, and kept changing the time as I drove. Thanks Google! I can figure out as I get closer to home, that the "time to home" will decrease!). While I guess it is doing what it should, it was pretty annoying. However PN does a great job for email, sms, etc.

I also think there is still a place for the Pebble. There are tons of great apps for it & it's easy to use. The great battery life & being able to see it in sunlight are important. That it doesn't have a touch screen or a microphone/speaker is of no importance to me & I'm sure several others. I have no desire to keep up with the Jonses & buy every new gizmo that comes out. I love my Pebble. Probably my only complaint....and I haven't heard anthing about this with the new watches....is that the Pebbles battery is not replaceable. When it eventually dies & can't be charged any longer, it just becomes a paperweight.

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I love my Pebble. Have no desire to jump to Android Wear. We will see what's happening next year in the Android Wear space before I dump my Pebble. Plus, it works on my Android tablets, S4 Mini, and BlackBerry 10. Plus the wife's iPhone if she were to ever desire to use it, though not likely getting it off my wrist.

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Pebble last almost a week with a single charge, fully charges in less than a hour and you can still use the magnetic charge cable while it is still on your wrist. The screen is visible in sun light and also has a backlight that turns on when you flip your wrist in the dark. There are hundreds of apps available now and stability was improved since the first firmwares, also compatible with iphone and other OSs. Wear for now is a beta product, maybe in a year they could manage to improve it shortcomings, battery life is a BIG issue to me...

But pebble needs to improve the internals now like it improved the externals with the Steel to keep up with the competition. More than 8 apps installed at the same time is a must for me, also a higher resolution screen (without flickering bug) or maybe a mirasol color screen, always on activity/step counter sensor, better battery life with maybe a flexible battery inside the wrist band. Touch screen and voice commands are gimmicks for me.

Higher resolution and a faster performance. Pebble will need to either do this or sell off its existing stock of watches and fold the tent. They will reach this point soon where they need to update the watch. They do know this, right?

With all the negative reviews smartwatches received, all you need to do is take a look at Sony. They have the best, in my opinion. All the data you use daily is right on the screen, multiple faces, (3rd party apps give great options), multi day battery life, color and always on screen, full view in direct sun! Yes, it's square not rectangle! This watch has greatly served a need! I don't miss anything important anymore! I even can see upcoming appointments EVERYTIME I look at it! The April firmware update what made the difference! Sony did a very poor marketing job!

Well the screen issue is problem thought sony sw2 has sunlight viewfable screen with always on and ok battery life(i get at least 2 days, maybe 2 and half) but if their sw3 fails and other manuafacters sell more android wear sony would make android wear watch which screen would be ok against pebble in direct sunlight.

Android wear is more advanced than pebble: multi color touchscreen, better resolution(thought next pebble propably too has high resolution screen) microphone and google now, big google company to develop software and big companies to make,sell,adverdise their products, and when sells will be high app developers will make more good apps which make android wear even better. Desing will be better when there will be on android wear front when there comes more watches(and different prices)

Multi os functioning, superior battery life and better water resistant would be advances of pebble over android wear wathces for couple years but in the long run pebble is not enought. And if apples watch will be very good it would cut the sales of pebble becouse there is no competition on ios front on smartwatches than android side.