ASUS teases something about time (i.e. a watch) for IFA 2014

Could ASUS be getting into the Android Wear game too?
By John Callaham on 19 Aug 2014 09:07 am

Asus CEO Jerry Shen told an investors' conference earlier this month that the company could reveal an Android Wear smartwatch at IFA, and today its Twitter account this morning offered a teaser that likely points to such an announcement in just a few of weeks.

The shape in the Twitter image certainly screams "smartwatch" to us. Then rhere's also the quote about, "Time has been transformed and we have changed", which again could be something related to a watch. Since, you know, watches are used to tell time. The reveal event itself will be held on September 3.

All in all, everything points to Asus showing off its Android Wear device at IFA 2014, and we'll be on the ground in Berlin to check it out ourselves. What do you think about Asus joining the Android Wear family?

Source: Asus (Twitter)

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ASUS teases something about time (i.e. a watch) for IFA 2014


Like everyone else, price point will be key here.

I would certainly spend $99-150 for this since I am shying away from buying a first gen device.

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I think that this watch we would be realy enticing for 99-$150. Any more than that and I'm not really that interested. That's why I have not gotten any of the android wear devices thus far. The only one I would pay over $200 for would be the moto 360 because it's more stylish and it has wireless charging instead of a cradle

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