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ASUS VivoWatch goes on sale in the UK in May for £120

Asus VivoWatch
By John Callaham on 23 Apr 2015 10:44 am

The ASUS VivoWatch, which was first announced earlier in April, will go on sale in the UK sometime in May for the price of £119.99. The fitness-themed smartwatches will be available on,, Watches of Switzerland, and in selected Goldsmiths stores.

ASUS still isn't saying what operating system it is using for the VivoWatch but did offer some more information on the device, including how it monitors the heart beat of its owner:

ASUS VivoWatch features exclusive VivoPulse technology, which uses the built-in optical sensor to continuously, accurately, and safely monitor the wearer's heart rate without an uncomfortable chest strap. With its precise heart rate measurements together with additional data such as the wearer's gender and age, ASUS VivoWatch helps the wearer exercise at the right intensity for building cardiovascular health.

During exercise, ASUS VivoWatch provides instant and continuous feedback about the effectiveness of the wearer's workout via an easy-to-read LED indicator. When the wearer reaches their aerobic heart rate zone — the beneficial level of cardiovascular exercise that effectively burns calories, strengthens the heart, and increases stamina — the LED indicator turns green to let them know they are working out at the right intensity. If the level of intensity is too high, causing the wearer's heart rate to rise to the limit, the LED indicator turns red to warn them of over-exertion.

ASUS has already announced that the VivoWatch will have a battery life of up to 10 days along with its IP67 certification for resisting water and dust.

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ASUS VivoWatch goes on sale in the UK in May for £120