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Audi goes hi-tech behind the wheel of the brand new TT

Audi TT
By Richard Devine on 8 Aug 2014 12:46 pm

Audi has pulled the wraps off its latest TT sportscar and as we'd probably expect these days, it's got more than a few hi-tech bits and pieces inside. Hitting UK roads this december with prices starting at a smidge under £30,000, on the outside it looks a little like a marriage of the previous two TT models when it comes to styling. But open the doors and whats inside is quite, quite different.

Audi has already committed itself to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and while it's disappointing to see neither offered in the new TT, it isn't exactly lacking on the tech front. The instrument clusters of old are gone and have been replaced by a whopping 12.3-inch HD display that Audi calls its "virtual cockpit." Both specification levels available at launch will include it and behind it all is an NVIDIA Tegra 3.

The virtual cockpit can either display a "traditional" instrument layout, you know, the one that just tells you how fast you're (not) going. Or it can transform itself into infotainment mode which is what we see in the image above. Oh yeah, it's a 12.3-inch navigation interface now.

Naturally you still retain the speedometer, it just shrinks down in size. Displays for the temperature, mileage and the time are also permanently visible. While there might be no Android or Apple in-car offerings, Audi Connect sees that Internet connectivity is provided and along with it Google Maps, Google Street View and even your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Though we're not entirely sure they should be a priority while you're behind the wheel.

You'll also be able to stay connected to the latest traffic and travel news, including keeping tabs on flight and train information on the go. Music is well taken care of with Audi music stream and an optional 680-watt, 12 speaker Bang and Olufsen system. Loud.

Interested parties can order the new TT of their dreams right now from Audi with a view to having it for Christmas. After all, you've been good this year, right?

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Audi goes hi-tech behind the wheel of the brand new TT


Wow! It's great to see how the auto manufacturers embrace in-car connectivity! It's really exciting stuff!