Porsche gave us a taste of their Mission E electric supercar, and now Audi is throwing their hat into the all-electric car ring as well. With plans to present an all-electric, luxury-class sports SUV in 2018, Audi showed its Audi e-tron quattro concept at the IAA show. The Audi e-tron has three electric motors that output 320 kW ( equivalent to 429 horsepower). Audi claims that can be bumped up to 370 kW (497 horsepower ) and 590 ft-lbs of torque temporarily while boosting.

The Audi e-tron propels from 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and tops out at an electronically governed 210 km. Battery capacity is rated at 95 kWh and gives the e-tron a driving range of more than 500 kilometers ( 310.7 miles) on a single charge. While being charged with a 150 kW charging station, the Audi e-tron can fully charge in around 50 minutes. Like the Porsche, it also has wireless induction charging, allowing you to park over a charging pad to charge. The e-tron also has a large solar roof that provides electricity to the drive system on sunny days. Audi spent intensive development time in the wind tunnel and designed the e-tron to have the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV. It measures at just 0.25, where the market standard is around 0.30. Made possible by a sophisticated adaptive air suspension setup that will lower the car at higher speeds to reduce drag.

Like the Porsche, the Audi e-tron quarto also doesn't feature side-view mirrors to further improve aerodynamics. Instead, two cameras are installed in each front section of the door, and an image is shown on OLED displays inside the door.

With two of the biggest car companies in the world showing off their concept cars at the IFA show, it's an exciting time for gear heads and tech lovers alike. With the consideration of the advancements mobile technology has made over the past ten years, it will be amazing how the auto industry evolves once everyone is in on the all-electric platform.

Source: Audi