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Audi's latest A7 packs NVIDIA power and 4G LTE

Audi A7
By Richard Devine on 22 May 2014 06:17 pm

Audi is no stranger to packing its cars with technology and the latest generation A7, announced today, is absolutely no exception. The refreshed model is visually very much recognizable as the A7 we've become accustomed to, and Audi has thrown the technology at it both inside and out. This includes a new graphics processor from NVIDIA, 4G LTE connectivity and a signal booster for your mobile phone.

Taking a closer look at the infotainment system, the new A7 will house the latest generation of Audi's Multi Media Interface (MMI). Powered by the unnamed NVIDIA graphics processor, the A7 introduces MMI Touch allowing the driver to manipulate the interface, scroll and zoom in maps using a touchpad.

Add to this Audi Connect and the new A7 will have you connected to the web wherever you are by way of an integrated 4G LTE data connection. Audi doesn't specify at this time whether this is powered by partner carriers or not, but promises ultra fast click-through and download capabilities.

Audi A7

Also being made available in the new A7 is the Audi Phone Box. The A7's own antenna can be put to use to amplify your mobile phone signal while you're on the road just by placing it inside the Phone Box compartment in the car. Oh, and you'll also get a pretty hot sounding Bang and Olufsen stereo system to boot. Not too shabby.

The new A7 surely won't be cheap and will be available with a range of turbo-diesel and petrol engines as well as in all out face-shredding form in the 450PS S7. Prospective buyers will need to be patient too, since it will be going on sale in the UK sometime in Q4 of this year. So, what do we think?

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Audi's latest A7 packs NVIDIA power and 4G LTE


sweet car, but actually I'm waiting for the e-tron series and the full electric ones.
Anyway, the A7 is a pretty sweet ride though

I've grown to love Audi's recently, as the design and luxury are very nice. The new A7 is no exception. Hopefully Audi or someone can figure out how to make using technology more intuitive and less...dangerous to use while in the car.

Nice to see cars adding mobile connectivity. Though, personally a phone with a wifi hotspot is more useful to me.

This is awesome. Having 4G in-car is a natural next step, but also having your phone's own antenna amplified by the cars is an excellent concept! One of those that you wonder why it has taken this long to make happen. Now, I wonder if this might be rocking the QNX CAR2 Platform?

I don't think car manufacturers should promote 4G/LTE integration... that will always depend on network coverage from carriers, and let's face it.. at least in Canada, it's not reliable.. at all...

Very cool!

It would be interesting if every car on the road could have a "repeater" of sorts for cell signal then it could open up lots of new coverage!

So does this mean now we'd have to have a contract to use the LTE or will that be provided with the price of the car?