Companies are always looking for ways to cut their costs and offer faster and easier delivery solutions to their customers. We've seen companies such as Amazon and Google showing off their delivery drones. However, many people including the folks at the FAA don't particularly want drones flying around everywhere dropping packages. So companies continue to look for other solutions to package delivery. Now two Skype co-founders who have announced the launch of their new company called Starship Technologies. Their first order of business includes the introduction of a fleet of small, safe, practical and environmentally friendly robots designed to deliver packages to local homes and businesses.

Each robot is capable of carrying the equivalent of two grocery bags and can complete deliveries within 5-30 minutes from a local hub or retail outlets. The delivery robots are 99% autonomously and travel on pavement and sidewalks at a speed of four miles per hour. They are overseen by human operators who can take control of the robot at any time. Shoppers can track the robot's location using a mobile app that also ensures the robot's cargo container can only be opened by the intended receiver. The folks at Starship Technologies say these robots offer 10-15 times the cost savings over traditional last-mile delivery services. Starship Technologies is currently testing its prototypes and hopes to have them out doing deliveries in the US, UK and other countries in 2016.

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