AutoPebble gives you deep control of your Pebble smartwatch

By Adam Zeis on 3 Feb 2014 11:51 am

There are dozens of apps available for tweaking your Pebble, but perhaps none as in-depth as AutoPebble. The app ties into Tasker on your Android device and it gives you some awesome customization options for your Pebble smartwatch. If you want to you can get lost creating custom tasks and actions using AutoPebble, or you can just go simple with a few cool tweaks.

Some examples of what you can do include:

  • Custom vibrations: Set different vibrations for different alerts
  • Time / Location actions: Actions based on the current time or your location (turn on DnD mode at 11p, etc.)
  • Movement actions: Twist, shake or tap to change music, lock your phone screen etc.

There are really endless possibilities using AutoPebble if you're willing to dive in deep. Check out the video above to see AutoPebble in action and be sure to hit up the comments to let us know what you think. 

Download AutoPebble to your Pebble (.pbw)

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Reader comments

AutoPebble gives you deep control of your Pebble smartwatch


Do you know if AutoPebble works with BB10? I haven't been able to get any notifications to work on BB10 with the Android Pebble app, so I was wondering if this would work.

I'm running the 2.0 beta 7 firmware and it's installed. Next step is figuring out how they did some of those awesome things.